This historical membership roster notes many of the deceased members of the Club since its inception in 1909.

This is a work-in-progress. Names not presented in boldface represent individuals who may have been members of the organization, but their involvement could not be confirmed through research of various published source materials.

(A) = Annual CAC Exhibitions
(B) = CAC Bulletin
(H) = Edan Hughes’ Artists in California 1786 – 1940 [Third Edition, Two Volumes]
(M) = Nancy Moure’s Southern California Art
(R) = CAC Membership Roster

  • SABAS, Anton S.
    Associate Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SACKS, Joseph (1887 – 1973)
    A student of Anschutz and Chase in Philadelphia, he won considerable fame there as a portraitist during the 1910’s. He moved to Calif. during the 1920’s and lived in S.F. and Altadena. (Exh. with the CAC) (H)
  • SAMMANN, Detlef (1857 – 1938)
    An Active Member, Sammann first appears with the CAC in their 2nd Annual Exhibition. Sammann worked as a fresco painter and apprenticed to Wilhelm Ritter in Dresden. After San Diego and San Francisco, he moved to Pasadena and painted frescoes in local residences, examples of German Rococo. Athough he spent most of his years in California, he returned to Dresden in 1921 after the war. CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911) (H)
  • SAMPLE, Paul Starrett (1896 – 1974)
    12th CAC President
    At Dartmouth College he was an intercollegiate boxing champion, and after graduating became interested in art while recuperating from tuberculosis. He taught at USC from 1926-36. (Exh. with the CAC in 1930, prize.) (H) Honorary Artist, c/o Dartmouth University, Hanover, NJ. (R, 1964)
  • SAMPLE, Pearl Starrett
    CAC Exhibitions: California Art Exhibit (1928, Bullock’s)
  • SAMPLE, Mrs. Paul Starrett (n.d.)
    Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents. (B, Aug. 1955)
  • SANDFORD, Frank Leslie (1891 – 1977)
    25th CAC President
    Born on Oct. 27, 1891 (Celebrated 65th birthday on same date, 1956). Student of J. Francis Smith and Frank T. Chamberlin. Worked as a scenic artist and art director for MGM Studios for over 20 years. Honorary Artist, lived in Pasadena. (R, 1964) He also served as first vice president and Exhibition Chairman under President Paval. (Autobiography of a Hollywood Artist, by Philip Paval, p.196) Sandford passed away in Oct. 1977. (B, Nov. 1977)
  • SANDFORD, Stella (Mrs. Frank L.)
    Honorary Member, lived in Pasadena. (R, 1964)
  • SANFORD, Gloria (d. 1950)
    Member, she passed away Jan. 31, 1950. (B, Feb. 1950)
  • SCHAEFER, Dr. John H.
    Associate Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SCHAETZEL, May Conley
    Member (B, joined Aug. 1942)
  • SCHLOAT, Gabriel Warren (1914 – 2000)
    An animator and story editor for Disney, he was also in the Navy, wrote and illustrated 22 children’s books, and founded an educational publishing company. (Exh. with the CAC 1930.) (H)
  • SCHMIT, Dorothy
    Artist Member, lived in Arcadia. (R, 1964) (B, joined Nov. 1960)
  • SCHUSTER, Donna Norine (1883 – 1953)
    Born in Milwaukee, WI, Schuster was a student of Tarbell and Benson and painted with Chase in Belgium (1912). She settled in L.A. in 1913 and taught at Otis Art Institute during the decade. She earned a silver medal for watercolor there, which was shown at the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art in 1914. She painted with Chase again during his summer class in Carmel. During the fall of 1914 she worked on a series of watercolor sketches of the construction of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Her first appearance with the CAC is during their 6th Annual. A spinster, she built a home on Glendower Avenue in 1923, overlooking Griffith Park; the home was destroyed by a brush fire on December 27 (or 28? Jan. 1954 CAC Bulletin) 1953, trapping her inside where she had gone to rescue her dog. Her earlier work shows influences of Monet, Cezanne and Chase, but she experimented with Cubism and Abstract Expressionism in later years after studying with Stanton MacDonald-Wright. CAC Exhibitions (at the L.A. Co. Museum of Art): 6th Annual (1915); 7th Annual (1916); 8th Annual, Spring Exhibit (1917); 9th Annual, Spring Exhibit (1918); Spring Exhibit(1919); 11th Annual (1920); 12th Annual (1921); 13th Annual (1922); 14th Annual (1923); 15th Annual (1924); 16th Annual (1925); 17th Annual (1926); 18th Annual (1927); 19th Annual (1928); 20th Annual (1929); 21st Annual (1930); 22nd Annual (1931); 24th Annual (1933); 25th Annual (1934); 26th Annual (1935); 27th Annual (1936); 28th Annual (1937); 29th Annual (1938) (H)
  • SCHWANKOVSKY, JR. , Frederick John de St. Vrain (1885 – 1974)
    He was head of the art department at Manual Arts High School in L.A. from 1919-47, where Jackson Pollock became a student of his. (H)
  • SCHWARTZ, Harold
    Member, listed on the Members of Art Committee-Sculpture. (B, Jan.-Feb. 1926)
  • SCHWARTZ, Ruby
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SCOFIELD, Edna Mae (1879 – 1956)
    Born in Ripon, WI on July 20, 1879, Scofield studied at the AIC and with sculptor Daniel C. French. About 1908 she settled in San Diego and became active in the local art scene. During this period she studied in Los Angeles with Julia Wendt for three years. By 1919 she was an assistant with the San Diego Museum and a teacher at the State Normal School (now California State University). In 1919 she wed Odd Halseth who served with his wife as curator of the San Diego Museum Art Gallery. Upon settling in Phoenix, AZ in 1927, she helped organize the Art Guild. The Halseths served as curators-archaeologists for the Heard Museum and the City of Phoenix. She died there on July 13, 1956. Scofield first appears with the CAC in their 7th Annual Exhibition. CAC Exhibitions: 7th Annual (1916). Other exhibitions: 1914-19; Panama-Calif. Int’l Expo (San Diego), 1915 (silver, gold medals); Calif. Liberty Fair, 1918; Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1922; Museum of NM, 1923. (H)
  • SCOTT, Benton Francis (1907 – 1983)
    19th CAC President
    Studied with Will Foster and at the Academies Julian and Chaumiere. Lifelong resident of Los Angeles. (H) Honorary Artist, lived in North Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • SCOTT, Mrs. Benton (n.d.)
    Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents. (B, Aug. 1955)
  • SCOTT, Clyde Eugene (1884-1959)
    Landscape painter, illustrator. Born in Bedford, IA on Jan. 24, 1884. Scott studied at the Boston Art School and with Richard Andrews, Edward Kingsbury, and E. Felton Brown. From 1910 he worked in S.F. for the Commercial Art Co. while living across the bay in Mill Valley. Settling in Los Angeles about 1930, he was a special-effects artist at 20th Century Fox Studios from 1933 until retirement in 1950. Scott shared a studio with Dean Cornwell on Artist’s Alley in Alhambra and was also good friends with Norman Rockwell. He died in Los Angeles on Oct. 6, 1959, survived by his wife Eva. His works include desert landscapes painted around Palm Springs. (H) (Mary Jarrett, Foreward, Who’s Who in the California Art Club, Inc., Roster and By-Laws, 1984, 75th Anniversary Edition) (B, Nov. 1959)
  • SCOTT, Edith
    Honorary Member, lived in North Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • SCOTT, Helena
    Member. (B, joined Mar. 1988)
  • SCRATCH, Patty
    Artist Member, lived in Hollywood. (R, 1964) (B, joined Jan. 1961)
  • SEELEY, John
    Member, lived in Culver City. (wife Dr. Grayce Ransom Seeley) (letter)
  • SEELY, Walter Fredrick (1886 – 1959)
    26th CAC President
    He settled in Los Angeles around 1930 and was a student of Jack W. Smith and Otis. Seely passed away on July 14, 1959. (H) (B, Summer 1959)
  • SELETZ, Dr. Emil
    Dr. Emil Seletz graduated from the University of Chicago and Temple Medical School. In 1928 he settled in Los Angeles and became a successful neurosurgeon, as well as artist, author, sculptor, and professor of neurological surgery at the USC School of Medicine from 1950-62. A CAC Artist Member, he was made a Fellow of the American Institute of Fine Arts along with CAC President Jose Drudis-Biada and Walter A. Bailey. (Herald Examiner, no date)
  • SESSIONS, Lester H.
    Patron Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) (B, joined Oct. 1960)
  • SESSIONS, Adeline (Mrs. Lester H.)
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) She passed away Oct. 1977. (B, Nov. 1977)
  • SEXTON, Carter
    Patron Member, lived in North Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • SEYARTO, Judith Clement (1906 – 1996)
    A resident of Los Angeles by 1924, she studied at Otis Art Institute. (Exh. with the CAC 1930-31.) (B, joined Feb. 1930, listed as a “crafts member”) (H) (M)
  • SEYMOUR, G. Athol
    Artist Member, lived in Camarillo. (R, 1964)
  • SHARP, Joseph Henry (1859 – 1953)
    Sharp was elected as an Active Member of the CAC by June 18, 1911. He lived in Pasadena, painted in Montana and Taos, and also had a studio at the latter city opposite Kit Carson’s. He is famous for his works of Indians, especially by firelight. CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911); 4th Annual (1913). (H) (LAT)
  • SHARP, Louis Hovey (1874 – 1946)
    He kept studios in both Pasadena and Taos, and painted often in the Grand Canyon. His first appearance with the club was in the 6th Annual. CAC Exhibitions: 6th Annual (1915). (H)
  • SHARP, William Alexander (1864 – 1944)
    An Associate Member, Sharp first appears with the CAC in their 2nd Annual Exhibition. Taught in FL, D.C., and at Occidental College; and designed the stained glass windows in the Mission Inn in Riverside. CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911). (H)
  • SHARPE, Gyda
    Honorary Member, lived in Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • SHAW, Sidney Dale [also Sydney] (1879 – 1946)
    An Associate Member, Shaw first appears with the CAC in their 2nd Annual Exhibition. Studied in NYC and Paris.CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911).
  • SHEAR, Fera Ellen Webber (1893 – 1974)
    Her works consist of portraits and still lifes in oil, while her later works were primarily watercolors of historic California buildings.
  • SHEETS, Millard Owen (1907 – 1989)
    Studied and taught in So. California before building his dream home “Barking Rocks” in Gualala. He designed the L.A. County Seal, painted over 100 murals and designed a number of buildings throughout California. Sheets was also a crucial part of the Siqueiros fresco painters working at Chouinard in 1932. (H) (B, [re]joined Sept. 1954)
  • SHIVELEY, Douglass
    (B, joined Mar. 1932)
  • SHORE, Henrietta Mary (1880 – 1963)
    The only private pupil of John Singer Sargent, Shore first appears with the CAC in their 6th Annual. CAC Exhibitions: 6th Annual (1915) (H)
  • SHRADER, Edwin Roscoe (1878 – 1960)
    8th, 10th, and 14th CAC President
    He studied with Wm. L. Judson and Howard Pyle, and was also an accomplished cellist. Shrader first appears with the CAC in their Spring 1918 Exhibit. A three-time CAC President before becoming the Dean of Otis, Shrader was heavily involved in many facets of the club as well as with the City of L.A. He passed away on Jan. 18, 1960. (B, Feb. 1960) (H) (Full bio and exhibition list here.) CAC Exhibitions: Spring Exhibition (1918); Building Fund Exhibition (1922)
  • SHRADER, Elizabeth (Mrs. E. Roscoe) (n.d.)
    Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents. (B, Aug. 1955) Honorary Life Member, lived in La Cañada. (R, 1964)
  • SHRADER, John
    Honorary Life Member, lived in La Cañada. Son of Edwin Roscoe Shrader and Elizabeth Shrader. (July 13, 1998 letter)
  • SHREVES, Don (1918-1993)
    Born on June 15, 1918, Don Shreves received his most important art training in L.A. with Lawrence Murphy, Will Foster, Herbert Jepson, Rico Lebrun, Robert Frame and Sergei Bongart. He also studied in Denver and Chicago and attended workshops at the Grande Chaumier in Paris and the Instituto in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. During a stint with the military in his 20s, Shreves was paralyzed from the waist down after complications from a spinal tap operation. He received a settlement which enabled him to buy a house on stilts in Silverlake, CA and paint for his own pleasure for the rest of his life. Don considered the area of Guadalajara to be most ideal for painting so he returned on four separate occasions using the city as his home base while he filmed, sketched and painted. In 1961 Rex Brandt awarded Shreves the top prize in a Fallbrook competition. In 1963 juror Burt Procter awarded Shreves the Directors’ Golden Palette Award resulting in the unprecedented publicity of having his painting re-created on the stage of the Pageant of the Masters at Laguna’s Irvine Bowl. Subsequently he was presented a life membership at the Laguna Beach Art Museum where he often exhibited. He exhibited at Austin Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Collectors of Shreves’s paintings include Amanda Blake of “Gunsmoke” fame and Johnny Mercer, the noted songwriter. He didn’t like to sell his paintings and had them displayed all over his house, floor to ceiling. He would pay models to pose for him and sometimes people would offer to sit for him just to be painted by him. He did not sign or date many of his works, primarily inscribing only his initials. Shreve was an Active member of the CAC during the 1970s-1980s. He died on August 29, 1993 and is survived by his brother Rollie Shreves. (A)
  • SHULGOLD, William (1897-1989)
    CAC Exhibitions: 35th Annual (1944, award)
  • SIBONI, Emma
    CAC Exhibitions: California Art Exhibit (1928, Bullock’s)
  • SIDER, Deno
    Artist Member, lived in Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • SIETSEMA, Elwin M.
    Sietsema was awarded first prize in one of two photographic sections (and with that a year of membership with the CAC) at the First Annual G.I. Art Exhibit in 1946. CAC Exhibitions: G.I. Exhibit(1946)
  • SILHAVY, Josef
    Artist Member, lived in Sherman Oaks. (R, 1964)
  • SIMONE, Edgardo (d. 1948)
    Sculptor Member, married to pianist Radie Britain. Simone died in Dec. 1948. Another sculptor and CAC Member, Henry van Wolf, created the Edgardo Simone Memorial Medal, awarded at the 1951 CAC Spring Show at the Greek Theater. (Meetings and Demos: Nov. 1943; Feb. 1947) (B, Jan. 1949; Medal – Oct. 1950, Mar., Apr. 1951) CAC Exhibitions: 35th Annual (1944, award)
  • SILVA, William Posey (1859-1948)
    Painter. Born in Savannah, GA on Oct. 23. A prosperous merchant, he was nearly 50 years old when he began his art career. In 1907 he retired from business and sailed for Paris to study at the Academie Julian under Laurens and Royers, and with Chauncey Ryder. His first solo exhibition was held in Paris in 1909 at the Georges Petit Gallery, recognition came quickly and he held several other exhibitions around Europe. Settling in Carmel, CA in 1913, he built a studio in the local sand dunes and became well-known during his 35 years there. Silva first appears with the CAC in their Spring Exhibition of 1914. He died on Feb. 10, 1948. CAC Exhibitions: Spring Exhibit (1914) (H) (A)
  • SILVER, Edith (Mrs. A. Morgan)
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) (B, joined Apr. 1957)
  • SINNOTT, Dr. Mary
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SKOGLUND, Betty
    Artist Member, lived in Burbank. (R, 1964)
  • SLAVIN, Estelle
    Associate Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SMILEY, Ralph J.
    Artist Member, lived in Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • SMITH, Charles L. A.
    CAC Exhibitions: California Art Exhibit (1928, Bullock’s)
  • SMITH, Ernest Browning (1866 – 1951)
    An early Active member (his first club appearance was during the 6th Annual), he was self-taught in the media of watercolor and oil. He was also an accomplished musician and played french horn with the L. A. Symphony Orchestra. CAC Exhibitions: 6th Annual (1915); Building Fund Exhibition (1922); California Art Exhibit (1928, Bullock’s) (H)
  • SMITH, Frederick Carl (1868 – 1955)
    A founding member of the Laguna Beach AA, he was primarily a portrait painter. Smith first appears with the CAC in their Spring 1918 Exhibit. CAC Exhibitions: Spring Exhibition (1918); Building Fund Exhibition (1922); California Art Exhibit (1928, Bullock’s) (H)
  • SMITH, Jack Wilkinson (1873 – 1949)
    6th CAC President
    An Active Member of the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles (elected April 7, 1908), Smith first appears with the CAC during their exhibit at the Long Beach Public Library (July 1910). He lived on “Artists Alley” in Alhambra with neighbors Frank Tenney Johnson, Eli Harvey and (during a few summers) Norman Rockwell; Clyde Forsythe lived nearby. (It appears that Jack Smith previously went by John Smith; the original roster of the Painters’ Club appears to have been originally written as “John,” and then overwritten as “Jack;” this earlier name is also used in the July 1910 CAC Exhibit in Long Beach. Beginning in 1911 with the 1st Annual Exhibition, it changes back to Jack.) Known for his paintings of the High Sierras in California. Smith passed away in Monterey Park, CA on Jan. 8, 1949. (B, In Memorium, Jan. 1949) CAC Exhibitions: 1st Annual Chautauqua Exhibit (1910); 1st Annual (1911); Building Fund Exhibition (1922); annuals
  • SMITH, Mrs. Jack Wilkinson (n.d.)
    Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents (B, Aug. 1955)
  • SMITH, John Francis (1868 – 1941)
    Studied under Boulanger, Lefebvre, Constant and Gregori. Owned and operated the School of Illustration & Painting, and taught at the California Institute of Art. (H)
  • SMITH, Ruth V.
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SMITH, Walter H.
    Smith was awarded first prize in cartooning (along with a year of membership with the CAC) at the First Annual G.I. Art Exhibit in Los Angeles. CAC Exhibitions: First Annual G.I. Exhibit (1946)
  • SMITHSON, Shirl (d. 1999)
    Member, lived in Illinois. Founder and First President of the Oil Painters of America. She received the CAC’s “Woman of the Year Award” in 1996. [The second one ever awarded, the first being Joan Irvine Smith.] (CAC Newsletter, Oct. 1999)
  • SOPER, James Hamlin Gardner (1877-1939)
    Born in Flint, MI, Soper lived in New York until 1925 when he settled in Los Angeles. He painted portrait commissions and exhibited locally until his death in 1939. (Exh. in CAC Annuals 1928-29.) (A) Soper is mentioned in “Artistwocky,” from the Dec. 1928 issue of the CAC Bulletin. CAC Exhibitions: Hollyhock House Opening Exhibition (1927)
  • SOWERS, Pauline
    Associate Member. (B, joined Feb. 1931)
  • SOYER, B. D.
    Active Member. Painter, lived in Burbank. (B, Aug. 1955)
  • SPENCE, Betty E.
    Associate Member, lived in Glendale. (R, 1964)
  • SPENSLEY, Dorothy
    Patron Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SPERRY, Ralph
    Artist Member, lived in Glendale. (R, 1964)
  • SPRAGUE, Ellen
    Member. (B, joined Dec. 1985) (Same person as Helen Sprague?)
  • SPRAGUE, Frederick L.
    Member. (B, joined Apr. 1947)
  • SPRAGUE, Helen
    Associate Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) (B, joined Oct. 1960)
  • SPRENKLE, Arthur George (1881 – 1940)
    Painter, etcher. Sprenkle studied at the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art; while living in L.A. in the 1930’s, he taught at the Chouinard Art School. (Exh. in the 27th, 28th, and 29th CAC Annuals.) (H) (A)
  • SPURLIN, David (1923 – 2009)
    Born July 25, 1923 in Los Angeles, Spurlin was an Artist member of the CAC as well as a member of the San Gabriel Fine Arts Association and the Pasadena Society of Artists. His education included Occidental College, Pasadena City College, Chouinard Art Institute, Art Center College of Design as well as individual instruction from Sam Myde Harris, Frode Dann, Herb Fuhrmann and Phil Daves. Spurlin passed away December 30, 2009. Website and bio (Obit – Long Beach Press-Telegram; Pasadena Star-News, Jan. 8 – 9, 2010)
  • STACY, Anna Lee (-1943)
    Member. Stacy studied and lived for many years in Paris, and in later years with her husband John Stacy, was very active in Chicago art circles. Her will bequeathed her entire collection of paintings to the Pasadena Board of Education and her estate was set up to help Pasadena arts students with tuition. (B, April 1943)
  • STACY, John
    Member, husband of Anna Lee Stacy. He passed away before she did. (B, April 1943)
  • STANCLIFF, Mildred R.
    Member (B, joined Aug. 1932)
  • STANSON, George Curtin
    See: STOJANA, Gjura
  • STARK, Jack Gage (1882 – 1950)
    An Active Member, Stark first appears with the CAC in their 2nd Annual Exhibition. Studied in Paris for seven years. Moved to NM and exhibited in L.A. before moving to Santa Monica. CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911) (H)
  • ST. CLAIR, Norman (1863 – 1912)
    St. Clair joined the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles on June 2, 1906; he later requested to resign his Active Membership, and was changed to Associate Member on October 28, 1909. St. Clair was voted an Honorary Member of the PC on October 5, 1909. He was later an Honorary Member of the CAC, first mentioned with the group in their 2nd Annual Exhibition. Living along Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco, he painted regularly in Laguna Beach and is considered along with George Garnder Symons to be one of the first artists working in that community. CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911) (H)
  • STEELE, Ora
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • STEERE, Lora Woodhead (1888 – 1984)
    Sculptor. Born in Los Angeles, CA on May 13, 1888. Lora Woodhead was a student at USC, a graduate of Stanford University (1911), and received an M.A. degree from George Washington University (1927). In 1914, she married Major Thomas Steere. She studied sculpture in Berlin with Toft, Bela Pratt at Boston Museum School of Art, Leo Lentelli and Ralph Stackpole at CSFA, and with Florence Wyle in Toronto, Canada. Mrs. Steere taught sculpture in Los Angeles high schools and was active in the local art scene into the 1960s. She died in Riverside, CA on June 17, 1984. Her media included both bronze and marble. Member: Calif. Art Club, San Diego Art Guild, Southern Calif. Sculptors Guild, Artland Club (LA). Exh: SFAA, 1924; Mission Gallery (Riverside), 1933 (solo). In: Keller School of Dramatic Arts (Glendale); LACMA; David Starr Jordan High School (bas relief); Bovard Hall, USC; Doheny Library (LA); Orange Co. (CA) Museum; Stanford Univ. CAC Exhibitions: 12th Annual (1921); 13th Annual (1922): 14th Annual (1923); 15th Annual (1924); 17th Annual (1926); 20th Annual (1929); 21st Annual (1930); 22nd Annual (1931) (H)
  • STEPHEY, Eva Lee (1866-1943)
    Born in McComb County, IL on Dec. 6, 1866. Stephey moved to Los Angeles in 1907 and lived there until her death on Nov. 24, 1943. Exh: Calif. Art Club; Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1929-31 (H)
  • STEVENS, Paul (d. 1951)
    Member. (B, Sept. 1951)
  • STEWART, Albert
    CAC Exhibitions: An Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Fifty Members of the CAC (1944)
  • STEWART, Barbara Lyn Raymond (1941 – 2000)
    Joined the CAC November 5, 1993 as an Artist Member. Primarily self-taught. She passed away March 31, 2000. (In Memorium, CAC Newsletter, Summer 2000)
  • STOJANA, Gjura (1885 – 1974)
    Painter, muralist, sculptor. Born in Brisout, France on April 2, 1885. Stojana was educated in Europe and the Orient. After arriving in America in 1901, he adopted the name George Curtin Stanson which he used until 1929 when he had it legally changed back to Stojana (He used “Stanson” when exhibiting with the CAC.) During 1908-09 he studied in San Francisco at the Institute of Art and then worked in the art department of The Chronicle. In 1918 he moved to Los Angeles where he exhibited locally and had a studio-home. Stojana first appeared with the CAC in their Spring Exhibit of 1917. Stojana was part of a group of CAC artists including Edgar Payne and Granville Redmond that gathered for a moonlight picnic in Laguna Beach 1918. (Santa Ana Daily Register, July 23, 1918, p.5, California Art Club Members Enjoy Moonlight Picnic on Cliffs) Throughout his career he divided his time between Los Angeles and Santa Fe, NM. Stojana died in Los Angeles on Sept. 16, 1974. CAC Exhibitions: Spring Exhibit, 8th Annual (1917); Spring Exhibit, 9th Annual (1918), Spring Exhibit (1919) (H)
  • STONE, Leslie M.
    Artist Member, lived in San Pedro. (R, 1964)
  • STRICKLER, Peter
    Member. (B, joined Apr. 1960)
  • STRISIK, Paul, N.A. (1918 – 1998)
    Born April 21, 1918 in New York. He studied with Frank Vincent Dumond at the Art Students League (NYC). Joined the CAC in Jan. 1996 as an Out-of-State Artist Member, lived in Rockport, Maine. He Passed away July 22, 1998 at the age of 80. (In Memorium, CAC Newsletter, Oct. 1998)
  • STUART, Beatrice (1917 – 2003)
    Her fine art training began in fashion design on scholarship at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and at Northwestern University. In CA she continued her art education at UCLA, Otis Art Institute, and Chouinard Art Institute where she was granted a scholarship. A Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society where she served twice as an elected Board Member, and a Signature Member of the California Art Club, where she received the Gold Medal for Still Life in 1995. Museum exhibitions include the Frye Art Museum (Seattle, Washington); the Carnegie Art Museum and the Pasadena Historical Museum in California. Selected exhibitions include the National Academy of Design (New York City), Academy of Arts (Oahu, Hawaii), Scottsdale Artists’ School (Arizona), California State University at Chico, the Municipal Art Gallery of the City of Los Angeles, California.
  • SULLIVAN, Denise P.
    Member. (B, joined Oct. 1986)
  • SUMNER, Roma
    Associate Member, lived in Simi Valley. (letter)
  • SUNDASKY, Samuel
    Sundasky was awarded first prize in watercolor for “Carnival” (along with a year of membership with the CAC) at the First Annual G.I. Art Exhibit in Los Angeles. CAC Exhibitions: G.I. Exhibit (1946)
  • SUTCLIFF, Edna May (d. 1951)
    Member, she passed away on Mar. 9, 1951. (B, Apr. 1951)
  • SUTTER, Joseph A.
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • SWEET, Frances A.
    Associate Member, lived in Tujunga. (R, 1964)
  • SWINNERTON, James Guilford (1875-1974)
    Honorary Life Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) He was presented with Honorary Life Membership to the CAC and a medal of honor by President Paval, and was also a member of the Bohemian Club in S.F. (Autobiography of a Hollywood Artist, by Philip Paval, p.195) (B, Oct. 1954) Swinnerton was honored by the CAC on his 84th birthday on Oct. 2, 1959. (B, Sept. 1959)
  • SYMONS, George Gardner (1861 – 1930)
    Symons became friends with William Wendt at the Art Institute of Chicago and later maintained a studio in Laguna Beach (Symons is credited with founding the art colony of Laguna). Symons had been elected as an Active Member of the CAC by June 18, 1911. (Antony Anderson, Los Angeles Times, June 18, 1911). CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911); 1914-21.) (H) (LAT)