A “Charitable Remainder Trust” is an advanced planning technique where individuals contribute appreciated non-cash assets, such as art, to a trust. This trust then provides an income stream for the donor or their beneficiaries for a specified period, after which the remaining assets go to a charitable organization such as the California Art Club, offering both income and philanthropic benefits.

Conversely, a “Charitable Lead Trust” is a strategy to avoid estate taxes by transferring wealth to heirs. In this arrangement, the trust provides income to a charitable organization, such as the California Art Club, for a set time, and then the remaining assets pass on to the donor’s heirs, potentially reducing the estate tax liability while supporting the charity.

Both of these strategies can be beneficial for donors, their families, and the California Art Club. Please speak with your personal financial advisor for specific details.

For further assistance and consultation, feel free to reach out to the California Art Club office via phone at 626.583.9009 or by emailing us at cac@californiaartclub.org.