This historical membership roster notes many of the deceased members of the Club since its inception in 1909.

This is a work-in-progress. Names not presented in boldface represent individuals who may have been members of the organization, but their involvement could not be confirmed through research of various published source materials.

(A) = Annual CAC Exhibitions
(B) = CAC Bulletin
(H) = Edan Hughes’ Artists in California 1786 – 1940 [Third Edition, Two Volumes]
(M) = Nancy Moure’s Southern California Art
(R) = CAC Membership Roster

    Member.CAC Exhibitions: An Exhibition of the California Art Club of Los Angeles (1921, San Diego) (R, 1964)
  • NEAL, Dorothy D.
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • NEUTRA, Richard Josef (1892-1970)
    World famous architect and close friend of Frank Lloyd Wright (architect of the Hollyhock House) and Rudolph Schindler, Neutra joined the CAC in Feb. 1929 and the following month was elected as Second Vice President (Mar. 1929-Apr. 1930). He was often present at subsequent meetings and dinners of the CAC. Neutra created many modern designs and buildings in Los Angeles that are still admired to this day. (B, joined Feb. 1929)
  • NELSON, Bonie Brandow
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • NELSON, Tenna
    Associate Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • NEUMANN, Wanda S.
    CAC Exhibitions: Building Fund Exhibition (1922) (A)
  • NIELSON, Harry A. (1882 – 1952)
    A watercolorist, he taught at Chouinard.
  • NIELSON, Peter (1873 – 1965)
    Honorary Member. Painter, muralist. Born in Denmark on April 10, 1873. Nielsen came to the U.S. at age 14 and settled in Chicago. He studied briefly at the AIC, but was mostly a self-taught artist. In 1925 he moved to Los Angeles and became active in the local art scene. He remained in the area until his death in Santa Ana on Oct. 24, 1965. His works include landscapes and still lifes. Exh: AIC, 1920-25; Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1925-37; Calif. Art Club. (R, 1964) (H)
  • NIETO, Grace
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • NIMMO, Louise Everett (1899 – 1959)
    Sculptor, painter. CAC Bulletin Editor. Born in Des Moines, IA, she studied with Hawthorne in Provincetown. After settling in Los Angeles in 1919 she continued to study with Julia Wendt and at Chouinard and Otis, as well as a trip to study at the Academie Julian and Fontainbleu School of Arts,. She married Ray Nimmo in 1932. Early in her career she switched from sculpting to painting. (Exh. with the CAC 1920-51, many early CAC Annuals) (H) (M) (A) (B)
  • NIVISON, Elizabeth Crawford
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) Her husband Theodore E. Nivison passed away in 1951. (B, Sept. 1951)
  • NORDBERG, Lambert
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • NORMAN, Ruth
    Member, she passed away on Feb. 19, 1985. (B, Apr. 1985)
    Member. (B, Sept. 1946)
  • NORTON, Helen Gaylord (1882 – 1965)
    Born in Ohio, she moved to CA about 1914. Lived in Riverside and Laguna Beach, and studied with Jean Mannheim. Her first appearance with the CAC was during their 7th Annual. Helen Norton was part of a group of CAC artists including Edgar Payne and Granville Redmond that gathered for a moonlight picnic in Laguna Beach in 1918. (Santa Ana Daily Register, July 23, 1918, p.5, California Art Club Members Enjoy Moonlight Picnic on Cliffs) CAC Exhibitions: 7th Annual (1916) (H)
  • NOWAK, Leo (1907-2001)
    Honorary Life Member, also past Vice-President. He designed the CAC gold medal which is reproduced on cover of the 1978-79 Roster and Bylaws, also used on the CAC Bulletins and is awarded at the Annual Exhibitions. From 1940-43, he worked on the Superman comic. During WWII he served as a battalion artist. For 25 years he was chief illustrator for Stamps-Conheim Newspaper Advertising Service in Los Angeles. Moving to the desert community of Inyokern in the mid-1970s, Nowak illustrated political cartoons for The Daily Independent in Ridgecrest for twelve years. He passed away on June 1, 2001 in Inyokern, CA. (A) (B, Dec. 1991) Artist Member, lived in Sherman Oaks. (R, 1964)