As art has no boundaries, the California Art Club celebrates the heritage and practices of traditional fine arts worldwide.

The California Art Club’s primary purposes are to promote the fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing, and sculpture, referred to as traditional and representational art, with a special emphasis placed on the academic traditions and craftsmanship established by the Club’s founders; to produce and promote art programs and exhibitions that foster understanding, interpretation, and display of the traditional art heritage, and to furnish educational opportunities in the fine arts for the benefit of artists of all ages, scholars, collectors, and the general community for the cultural enrichment of the community and for the promotion of California history and heritage.

Statement of Purpose

  • The California Art Club promotes traditional fine arts in the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture.
  • The California Art Club supports and promotes California history and heritage by providing historic and environment-related painting events and special themed exhibitions, as well as lectures and informative publications, e.g., California Art Club Newsletters and exhibition catalogues.
  • The California Art Club maintains a sense of camaraderie for fellow artists and their patrons.
  • The California Art Club acts as a service and information bureau for artists, collectors, museums, dealers, art historians and the media.
  • The California Art Club’s ultimate goal is to educate the worldwide public on the high merits of traditional fine art.
  • The California Art Club aims to reach an increasingly broader audience and expand Patron Membership by offering a wide variety of opportunities for involvement in the art world.