This historical membership roster notes many of the deceased members of the Club since its inception in 1909.

This is a work-in-progress. Names not presented in boldface represent individuals who may have been members of the organization, but their involvement could not be confirmed through research of various published source materials.

(A) = Annual CAC Exhibitions
(B) = CAC Bulletin
(H) = Edan Hughes’ Artists in California 1786 – 1940 [Third Edition, Two Volumes]
(M) = Nancy Moure’s Southern California Art
(R) = CAC Membership Roster

  • LA COM, Wayne
    Artist Member, lived in Encino. (R, 1964)
  • LAKE, Gary Frederic
    Artist Member, lived in Glendale. (R, 1964)
  • L’ALLEMAND, Gordon Lynn (1903 – 1974)
    A painter, he also authored and illustrated books. (Exh. with the CAC in 1931, prize) (A) (H) (M)
  • LAM, Dixie
    Awarded Honorary Life Membership by President Paval. She was the Editor of the Pacific Coast Viking, and an art patron. (B, Jan. 1955)
  • LAMB, Leo Ford
    Patron Member, lived in Palm Desert. (R, 1964)
  • LAMB, S. Victoria
    Artist Member, lived in Palm Desert. (R, 1964) [At the same address as Leo F. Lamb.] She passed away just prior to Jan. 3, 1979. (letter from Leo Lamb)
  • LANDY, Art (1904 – 1977)
    Student of Frank Chamberlin, he worked in the animation film industry. (Exh. with the CAC in the 1940’s) (H)
  • LANOE, Joseph Jiquel (1875 – )
    Lanoe was born in Vannes, France on Oct. 3, 1875. By the early 1920s Lanoe was living in Hollywood, CA. He is said to have acted in more than 100 silent movies. A gay man, he was the lover of fellow actor, Harry Hyde and a close friend of artist Granville Redmond with whom he often painted. He was active in the Los Angeles art scene. Due to the end of silent films and the Depression, he is believed to have returned to France. (CAC membership – H: American Art Annual, 1925)
  • LANSER, Edward
    Honorary Member, lived in Beverly Hills. Lanser was Editor for the CAC Bulletin during the 1940s-50s. (R, 1964)
  • LANYI, Dezso (1879 – 1951)
    A sculptor and caricaturist originally from Hungary. (Exh. with the CAC in 1939) (H)
  • LANZI, Emelio
    Member. (B, joined Nov. 1960)
  • LAO, Ben S. (1947 – 2011)
    Artist Member. Lao studied under Theodore Lukits in the 1980s along with his brother Vito, Peter Adams, Arny Karl, Tim Solliday, Bridget Duffy and Kalan Brunink. Lao worked as a journeyman scenic artist in the Local 800 Art Director’s Guild. (A)
  • LARIMER, Barbara Gertrude Probst (1868 – 1963)
    She settled in Los Angeles in 1911, and her work represented the area around her home. (Exh. with the CAC in 1931 [22nd Annual] and 1935) (A) (H) (M)
  • LARIMER, Ruth M. (1901 – 1958)
    The daughter of Barbara Larimer, she studied with Jean Mannheim and at UCLA. Her married name was Myers. (Exh. with the CAC from 1924 – 31, CAC Annual Exhibitions) (A) (H) (M)
  • LASKY, Bessie Mona Ginsberg (1888 – 1972)
    She was active in NYC until the late 1920’s, when she moved to Los Angeles. Also a poet and a musician, she painted a series of the California missions. CAC Exhibitions: 1933, 26th Annual (1935); 1937. (H)
    (M) (A)
  • LAURITZ, Paul (1889 – 1975)
    17th CAC President
    Born in April. (B, May 1957) Unsuccessful in the Alaskan Gold Rush, he returned to painting and befriended Sydney Laurence. Returning to L.A. he established a studio-home in the Lyceum Theatre on Spring Street. Taught at Chouinard and Otis. He was also commissioned by the King of Norway (Lauritz’s native land) to do a painting for the royal palace. (Exh. with the CAC 1920-25, CAC Annuals) (H) (M) (A) Honorary Artist, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • LAURITZ, Mrs. Paul (n.d.)
    Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents. (B, Aug. 1955)
  • LEAVER, Marian Farnan (1889 – 1968)
    Her work includes portraits and still lifes; her married name was Sprunck. (Exh. with the CAC in 1922. [13th Annual]) (H) (A)
  • LEIGHTON, Kathryn Woodman (1875 – 1952)
    Known for her work of the desert and particularly of the Indian tribes of Blackfeet, Sioux and Cherokee. Leighton first appears with the CAC in their 5th Annual Exhibition in 1914. Her address is given in the 22nd & 23rd Annual Exhibition pamphlets as 1633 W. 46th St. in Los Angeles. She passed away on July 1, 1952. (B, Leighton, Sept. 1952). CAC Exhibitions: 5th Annual (1914); 6th Annual, First Traveling Exhibit (1915); 7th Annual, CAC Exhibition at The Friday Morning Club, Second Traveling Exhibit (1916); 8th Annual, Spring Exhibition (1917); Spring Exhibition (1918); 10th Annual, Spring Exhibition (1919); 11th Annual (1920); 12th Annual, An Exhibition of the California Art Club of Los Angeles (1921); 13th Annual (1922); (Second?) Building Fund Exhibition (late 1922); 14th Annual (1923); 15th Annual (1924); 17th Annual (1926); 18th Annual (1927); 19th Annual (1928); 21st Annual (1930); 22nd Annual (1931); 23rd Annual (1932 – exhibitor & Jury of Selection and Award); 24th Annual (1933); 25th Annual (1934 – didn’t exhibit but served on the Jury of Selection and Awards for Painting); 26th Annual (1935 – exhibitor & Jury of Selection and Award); 27th Annual (1936); 28th Annnual (1937 – exhibitor & Jury of Selection and Award); 29th Annual (1938); Ebell Salon of Art (1943); Exhibition & Sale of Paintings by Members of the Noted California Art Club (Bloomingdale’s NYC, 1944); Joint Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by the CAC and Women Painters of the West (1947) (H) (M)
  • LEE, Jake (1915 – 1991)
    Honorary Life Member. He demonstrated often at CAC meetings and exhibited in the Annual Gold Medals. Served as 2nd Vice-President and Program Chairman (1978-79) and was also on the Board of Directors. (A) Lived in North Hollywood. (Dec. 1986 CAC Bulletin) Lee died Sept. 13, 1991. (B, Nov. 1991)
  • LEI, Wellington (Chin-Po) (1918 – )
    Artist Member, lived in Alhambra. Born in Ninghwa, Fujian, China. (R, 1964) CAC Exhibitions: 78th Annual (1987), 81st Annual (1990), 88th Annual (1997)
  • LEMIEUX, Bonnie (d. 1989)
    Member. (B, memorial, Oct. 1989)
  • LEONARD, Rosalie
    Artist Member, lived in Sherman Oaks. (R, 1964)
  • LEOPOLD, ??? (n. d.)
    (Exh. with the CAC in 1938) (M) (A)
  • LESOVSKY, Adolf
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • LESSING, Jane
    Artist Member, lived in Playa Del Rey. (R, 1964) (B, joined Oct. 1960)
  • LEWIS, Jeannette Maxfield (1894 – 1982)
    Influenced by Piazzoni and Armin Hansen; she had a solo exhibition in 1955 and a retrospective in 1979, the latter held at the Fresno Arts Center. (Exh. with the CAC in 1931) (H) (M)
  • LEWIS, Thomas E. (1909 – 1979)
    A resident of both Pasadena and San Francisco; he worked in both oil and watercolor, and was partial to the color blue. (Exh. with the CAC 1932-34) (H) (M)
  • LIDDELL, Frank Rennsselear (1864 – 1923)
    1st CAC President
    Originally a banker, Liddell was a self-taught artist and became a Charter Member of the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles. He helped found the CAC and served as its first president (from 1909-1910). CAC Exhibitions: 1st Annual (1911); 13th Annual (1922) (LAT) (H) (M)
  • LIDDELL, Mrs. Frank Rennsselear (n.d.)
    Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents. (B, Aug. 1955)
  • LILIANO, Ada May (n.d.)
    Sculptor, lived in Los Angeles in 1931. (Exh. with the CAC in 1931) (H) (M) (A)
  • LIN, Alex
    Member. (B, joined June 1988)
  • LINDSAY, Ruth Andrews (1888 – 1982)
    Studied at the NAD, ASL of NYC, PAFA, and the Royal Academy of Brussels. (Exh. with the CAC 1923, 1931-32, in early Gold Medals) (H) (M)
  • LION, Henry (1900 – 1966)
    Studying at Otis and with MacDonald-Wright, he settled in Los Angeles in 1922 where he worked and exhibited his sculptures. He also taught for many years at the Hollywood Art Center. Photos of his female nude sculptures are in the CAC Archives at the Archives of American Art in Washington, D.C., where his address is listed on the back: 10517 Cheviot Drive, Los Angeles, CA. He often served as Chairman of the Sculpture Committee. CAC Exhibitions: 14th Annual (1923), 15th Annual (1924), 16th Annual (1925), 19th Annual (1928), 21st Annual (1930), 23rd Annual (1932), 25th Annual (1934), 26th Annual (1935), 27th Annual (1936), 28th Annual (1937), 29th Annual (1938), 46th Annual (1955) (CAC Archives, Archives of American Art, D.C.) (H) (M) (A)
  • LIPETZKY, Jerome (1934 – 2010)
    Associate Member. Born in Inglewood (Los Angeles) and raised in Pasadena, CA. Lipetzky worked on the Alaska Railroad and served in the U.S. Army before receiving a degree in History from UCLA. In 1961 he settled with his family in Alpine, CA where he taught for 30 years. Retiring in 1991, he began painting, first with watercolor and then with oils. Lipetzky passed away on Sept. 7, 2010. Known primarily for oil landscapes. (Artist website; San Diego Union-Tribune obit)
  • LLOYD, Caroline Alma Goodman (1875 – 1945)
    Sculptor, CAC Board member. After she raised a family, she became interested in sculpture and traveled to Paris to study. She passed away Dec. 30, 1945. (H) (B, Jan. 1946)
  • LLOYD, Lucile (1894 – 1941)
    The director of the Stickney School of Art from 1921-22. She committed suicide and died of gas poisoning in Los Angeles. (H) (B, joined Oct. 1932)
  • LOCKHART, Marcelite (Marcelita) Avery (1897 – 2001)
    Working at the movie studios in Hollywood, she sculpted statues and painted pastel portraits on the side. (Exh. with the CAC 1932) (H) (M) (B, joined Mar. 1932)
  • LODI, Grace
    Artist Member, lived in Thousand Oaks. (R, 1964)
  • LOH, William Kao-Dor
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • LOOMIS, Andrew (d. 1959)
    Illustrator, author, member of CAC Board, CAC Member. (B, Summer 1959)
  • LOVE, Rosalie Bowen
    Artist Member, lived in Encino. (R, 1964)
  • LOVINS, Henry E. (1883 – 1960)
    The founder of the Hollywood Art Center School; his works were often influenced by Mayan and Aztec designs. Lovins first appears with the CAC in their 3rd Annual Exhibition. CAC Exhibitions: 3rd Annual (1912) (H)
  • LUKE, Kage
    (B, joined Mar. 1932)
  • LUKITS, Theodore Nicolai (1897 – 1992)
    Life Member. Portrait painter, pastelist, sculptor, and teacher; student of Miller, Buehr, Pushman, Blashfield, and many others. Sketched luminous pastels outdoors. Taught for many years in Los Angeles. Served as a juror for the 64th CAC Annual. (H)
  • LUNDMARK, Leon (1875 – 1942)
    The illegitimate son of Countess Hanna von Till and S.A. Johnson; he lived in Chicago and later Altadena. Coastal scenes constitute the largest part of his work. (Exh. with the CAC 1914-15, 1937 [28th], 1938 [29th]) (H) (M) (A)
  • LUNDSDAL, Jack
    Artist Member, lived in Alhambra. (R, 1964)
  • LUNGREN, Ferdinard Harvey (1857 – 1932)
    Kenyon Cox, Eakins, J.H. Sharp and others influenced him along his artistic path. Living in NYC and Europe earlier in life, he later settled in Santa Barbara, CA and remained there throughout his life. Lungren made many trips to Death Valley and the Southwest to paint, and was given membership to many Indian tribes after having spent much time painting and living with them. Lungren first appears with the CAC in their 6th Annual Exhibition, in which he was a juror as well as exhibitor. CAC Exhibitions: 6th Annual (1915, juror) (H) (M)
  • LYNAM, Edward J.
    Honorary Member, lived in Sacramento. (R, 1964) [Exhibit Supervisor – Art, California State Fair]