Curious to know the reasons why the California Art Club was founded, or the prominent artists and patrons that have been associated with the organization? Click the links below to learn more about the fascinating history of the California Art Club.

**CAC does not provide artwork appraisals.**

Chronology of the CAC

This chronology outlines significant events in the more than 100 years of the California Art Club’s history – from its founding 1909 to its revitalization in the 1990s, which continues today.

Early Years

The “Early Years” explores the events surrounding the founding of the California Art Club in 1909, including notes about early meetings, exhibitions and dates when individual members first became involved, as well as the art scene in Los Angeles at the beginning of the 20th century.

Articles on CAC History

The rich history of the organization has been widely reported by journalists and scholars in national and regional magazines, as well as the award-winning California Art Club Newsletter.  Here is a selection of articles that provides in-depth recollections of the Club and its influence through the years.

Archival Documents

In these Archival Documents are intriguing details about the organization through the years, including early members, past presidents and notable honors and awards presented to individuals dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of traditional fine arts.