The CAC is dedicated to its mission in advancing traditional fine art skills. The Mentorship Program allows us to enrich and support young emerging artists as they advance in their careers.

About the Chairs

Jess Niemeyer, Co-Chair

Jess Niemeyer is a traditional representational artist born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California. She completed her undergraduate degree at Laguna College of Art and Design and currently resides in Los Angeles county. “My current body of work explores themes of introspection and self-searching by drawing ties between the beautiful and the dark. I am inspired by motifs that are viewed as unnerving or macabre, strange and unsettling.”


Mason Williams, Co-Chair

Mason Williams is a landscape painter from Carmel, California. Growing up among the works of California Impressionists and their coastal subjects, Williams found himself pursuing a life in the arts. Williams’ paintings are rooted in the American landscape and reflect the beauty of the natural world and capture a moment of expressive stasis.  He is motivated by his love of outdoor activities and memorable profound experiences in nature. Williams wants to stir a sense of wonder and appreciation with his well-crafted images that invite the viewer to marvel at the sublime existence of such wonders.  


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