This historical membership roster notes many of the deceased members of the Club since its inception in 1909.

This is a work-in-progress. Names not presented in boldface represent individuals who may have been members of the organization, but their involvement could not be confirmed through research of various published source materials.

(A) = Annual CAC Exhibitions
(B) = CAC Bulletin
(H) = Edan Hughes’ Artists in California 1786 – 1940 [Third Edition, Two Volumes]
(M) = Nancy Moure’s Southern California Art
(R) = CAC Membership Roster

  • RAGAR, Richard R.
    Artist Member, lived in Playa Del Rey. (R, 1964)
  • RALL, Pearl F. (1879 – 1971)
    Drama editor for the S.F. Examiner for 21 years. (H)
  • RAMBEAU, Gail
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • RASH, Fred
    Member. (B, joined Sept. 1954)
  • RASKIN, Milton
    Artist Member, lived in Burbank. (R, 1964)
  • RAU, Gloria
    Associate Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • RAULSTON, Marion Estelle Churchill (1882 – 1955)
    Studied at Pratt and Otis. (Exh. in the early CAC Annuals) Raulston passed away in Sept. 1955. (B, Oct, 1955)
  • RAYMOND, Julie E. (1859 – 1955)
    She studied with Chase at Monterey (1914) and maintained a studio in Laguna. Her first appearance with the CAC was during their 6th Annual. CAC Exhibitions: 6th Annual (1915)
  • READE, Roma (1877 – 1958)
    Reade was a pseudonym for Mable Kelley Aubrey; she settled in Pasadena by 1947. (H)
  • REARDON, Nancy
    Artist Member, lived in Redondo Beach. (R, 1964)
  • RECCHIA, Andrew
    Member. (B, joined May 1986)
  • REDMOND, Ada M.
    (B, Feb. 1955)
  • REDMOND, Granville Richard Seymour (1871 – 1935)
    Redmond never exhibited with the CAC and there is no evidence showing that he was a member, but he was friends with numerous members: for example, Redmond joined a group of CAC artists including Edgar Payne, Anna Hills, and Hovsep Pushman that gathered for a moonlight picnic in Laguna Beach in 1918. Deaf since age 3 from scarlet fever, Redmond was also friends with Elmer and Marion Wachtel and Xavier Martinez (northern CA). The artist had a painting studio on the set of his friend Charlie Chaplin – and Redmond can be seen playing the role of a sculptor in Chaplin’s film “City Lights”. Redmond’s paintings of southern California landscapes filled with poppies and lupine beneath snow-covered peaks have become iconic images of the state and era. (Santa Ana Daily Register, July 23, 1918, p.5, California Art Club Members Enjoy Moonlight Picnic on Cliffs) Redmond’s good friend Chaplin reportedly sent an enormous wreath of flowers, shaped like a palette, to the painter’s funeral.(H)
  • REED, Hal
    Artist Member, lived in Sherman Oaks. (R, 1964)
  • REEVES, J. Mason
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) (B, joined July 1932)
  • REEVES, J. Mason, Jr.
    Member. (B, joined Oct. and Nov. 1960)
  • REIFFEL, Charles (1862-1942)
    Early in his career he was a lithographer in Cincinnati, later spending six years studying in Europe. Upon his return his modern approach to painting began to attract attention. About 1921 Reiffel gave up lithography to pursue painting. In 1925 he and his wife visited San Diego and ended up staying. His California landscapes brought him national acclaim. (H) Reiffel is mentioned in “Artistwocky,” printed in the Dec. 1928 issue of the CAC Bulletin.
  • REINHARDT, Kaffy (1918 – 1992)
    35th CAC President
    The first female president of the CAC (1970-1974), she also established a short-lived gallery in Westwood for the CAC in 1971. Known for portraits and still life, she was also a popular art instructor. Kaffy died November 11, 1992. (The Feb. 1993 CAC Bulletin In Memorium article erroneously lists the date as Nov. 13.) (A) [Sources: Sarah Elizabeth and Dixie Reinhardt, daughters of the artist (via; Who’s Who in the California Art Club, Inc.-Roster and By-Laws, 1984, 75th Anniversary Edition.]
  • RENSEN, Carolyn (Carol) Arrant (c.1939 – 1940)
    40th & 42nd CAC President
    The daughter of Vernon and Florence Kitchens Arrant, Carol Arrant married Jules S. Rensen and practiced as an attorney in Los Angeles before becoming the 40th President of the California Art Club in August 1985. CAC President-Elect Renato Contini had just been elected in June, but passed away suddenly on July 31, 1985. After Contini’s death, Rensen assumed the mantle of President through June 1989, when Sig Vogel was elected. However, Vogel subsequently resigned in December 1989, only halfway through his term, so Rensen again presided as President Pro-Tem until the next regular elections (summer 1990). She was then re-elected and served through December 1990. Her work includes still life, portraits and paintings of animals. Rensen passed away on May 26, 2010 in Knoxville, TN at the age of 71. (R) (Obituaries from the News-Star, Monroe, Louisiana 71201, June 4, 2010 (accessed Dec. 6, 2010)
  • REYNOLDS, George Westfall (1887 – 1966)
    Painter. Born in Dyersville, IA on April 10, 1887. Reynolds established a dentist office in Minneapolis in 1911. A veteran of WWI, he often spent long periods of each year in southern California. He studied painting there at the Scripps Institute under Henry McFee and privately with Otto Schneider. He had a home in Los Angeles during the 1920s and by the late 1930s had a studio in San Diego’s Balboa Park. Reynolds died in La Jolla, CA on Jan. 31, 1966. CAC Exhibitions: 7th Annual (1916)
  • RHEINSCHILD, Hazel Willa Allard (1901-1988)
    Landscape painter. Born in Idaho on August 19, 1901. By the 1930’s Ms. Rheinschild had moved to southern California. A long-time resident of Laguna Hills, she died there on June 5, 1988. (H) (A) Artist Member, lived in Studio City. (R, 1964)
  • RHODUS, Lillian
    Artist Member, lived in Woodland Hills. (R, 1964) Rhodus passed away sometime in early 1988. (B, Apr. 1988)
  • RICH, John Hubbard (1876 – 1954)
    18th CAC President
    Hubbard began his career in art as an illustrator for the Minneapolis Times. He joined the CAC as an Active Member at their second monthly meeting on February 5, 1910 at Franz Bischoff’s house. (H) (A) His wife Helen Rich passed away Nov. 13, 1951. (B, Dec. 1951) Rich passed away Mar. 29, 1954. (B, Apr. 1954) CAC Exhibitions: 1st Annual Chautauqua Exhibit (1910); Building Fund Exhibition (1922)
  • RICH, Helen (Mrs. John Hubbard) (d. 1951)
    Wife of Pres. Rich, she passed away on November 13, 1951. (B, Dec. 1951) Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents. (B, Aug. 1955)
  • RICHMOND, Gaylord D. (1903-1997)
    Honorary Member. Born in Milan, MO on March 23 1903. Richmond studied with E. Roscoe Shrader at the Otis Art Institute, Edwin C. Taylor and Eugene Savage at Yale University where he received his master’s degree in 1942. He taught art at Yale until 1946 and then went into radar work for General Electric. He was director of the Otis Art Institute during 1947-52. He taught at Arizona State University during 1976-77. He later lived in Palm Springs and Seal Beach before his death in Los Alamitos, CA on Oct. 8, 1997. CAC Exhibitions: Hollyhock House Opening Exhibition (1927) (R, 1964) (H) (B, joined Sept. 1954)
  • RIDER, Arthur Grover (1886 – 1975)
    Painted for the Chicago Lyric Opera and the London Opera; befriended and painted with Joaquin Sorolla. (Exh. with the CAC in 1940, 1st prize) (H)
  • RITSCHEL, William Frederick (1864 – 1949)
    An Active Member, Ritschel first appears with the CAC in their 2nd Annual Exhibition. His paintings of the sea earned him international acclaim and in 1914 he was elected a member of the National Academy. He built a castle-like stone house in Carmel, and old timers on the Monterey Peninsula remember him dressed in a flowered sarong and painting high up on a cliff surrounded by cypress, with his brushes and easel. CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911); 13th Annual, Building Fund Exhibition (1922) (A)
  • ROACHE, Don (d. 1992)
    Active member of the CAC during the 1970’s-1980’s. He died on October 13, 1992. (A) (B, Nov. 1992)
  • ROACHE, Jeanne
    Member. (B, joined May 1989)
  • ROBERTS, Walter J.
    Honorary Life Member. The only other British artist besides Winston Churchill to be made an Honorary Life Member of the CAC, he worked and exhibited primarily in watercolor in both the U.S. and England. (Listed as living, at age 82, in South Cheshire, England; Vol.99 No.5, May 1990 CAC Bulletin) Wife Pat.
  • ROBINSON, Mrs. E.
    Member. (B, joined Oct. 1960)
  • ROBINSON, Irene Margaret Bowen (1891 – 1973)
    A student of John F. Carlson, she also attended classes at Otis and Chouinard. As well as painting, she also illustrated children’s books. CAC Exhibitions: Hollyhock House Opening Exhibition (1927) (Exh. with the CAC 1924 – 36, prizes [early annuals]) (H) (A)
  • ROBINSON, Mrs. L. A. (d. 1950)
    Member, she passed away Aug. 2, 1950. (B, Oct. 1950)
  • ROBISON, Myrtis
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • ROGERMAN, Gertrude
    Exhibited in 46th and 50th CAC Annuals. (A)
  • ROGERS, Charles Albert (1848 – 1918)
    An Active and Honorary Member, Rogers is first mentioned with the CAC in their 2nd Annual Exhibition. He lost 150 works in the 1906 earthquake in S.F., and then moved to L.A. to exhibit at the Blanchard and Daniell Galleries. Rogers was also
    a member of the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles. CAC Exhibitions: 2nd Annual (1911) (H) (A)
  • ROLLINS, Warren Eliphalet (1861 – 1962)
    An Active Member, Rollins first appears with the CAC in their 3rd Annual Exhibition. He lived in OR and WA and the Southwest, painting the Hopi, Crow and Blackfeet tribes, before moving to Pasadena in 1910. CAC Exhibitions: 3rd Annual (1912) (H)
  • ROMAN, Mrs. Stella (Vipale)
    Artist Member, lived in Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • ROOD, Mary
    Artist Member, lived in Sherman Oaks. (R, 1964)
  • ROSE, Guy Orlando (1867 – 1925)
    Studied with Claude Monet at Giverny. The city of Rosemead, CA and Rosemead Blvd. there are named after the Rose family ranch. His father L.B.J. Rose was California’s first state senator. Rose first appears with the CAC during their 6th Annual. CAC Exhibitions: 6th Annual (1915); Building Fund Exhibition (1922); Annuals. (H)
  • ROSE, Pauline B.
    Member. (B, joined Nov. 1960)
  • ROSEN, R. Leslie
    Artist Member, lived in Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • ROSENTHAL, Doris Patty (1889 – 1971)
    Born in Riverside, CA on July 10, 1889. Rosenthal was a pupil of Bellows and Sloan at the ASL in NYC, and a graduate of Columbia University and L. A. Teachers College. She was active in L. A. during 1915-1925 and then moved to NY. She later lived in Norwalk, CT and in Oaxaca, Mexico where she died on Nov. 26, 1971. She was the wife of Jacob “Jack” Charash. Her subjects include landscapes, Southwest genre, and ethnic studies. CAC Exhibitions: 7th Annual (1916)
  • ROPP, Marie
    Patron Member, lived in Desert Hot Springs. (R, 1964)
  • ROSS, Kenneth
    Honorary Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964) [Director, L.A. Municipal Art Dept.]
  • ROWLAND, Earl Warford (1890 – 1963)
    Born in Trinidad, CO. Rowland studied at the AIC (1910) under Dudley Crafts Watson and the School of Industrial Art in Los Angeles. After serving in the Army in WWI, he returned to Los Angeles and became active in the local art scene. During the 1930s he settled in Stockton, CA where he was a member of the art faculty at the College of the Pacific. From 1937 until his death on Aug. 8, 1963 Rowland taught and served as director of the Haggin Art Gallery. His early works are mostly landscapes; whereas, he later painted still lifes and seascapes. Rowland served on the Painting Jury (1931) and as CAC Treasurer (1931-32). CAC Exhibitions: 20th Annual (1929), 21st Annual (1930), 22nd Annual (1931), 24th Annual (1933) (H)
  • ROYER, Anne M.
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. She also served as (Recording) Secretary for the CAC in the mid- to late 1980’s. (R, 1964)
  • ROZAIRE, Arthur D.
    Member. CAC Exhibitions: An Exhibition of the California Art Club of Los Angeles (1921, San Diego) (R, 1964)
  • RUNGIUS, Carl Clemens Moritz (1869-1959)
    Born near Berlin, Rungius became one of America’s most noted wildlife artists, usually working in plein air or directly from nature. He was a hunter of big game from childhood, and eventually his lifestyle merged with his art as he used his hunting trophies to paint from in the studio. He studied at the Berlin School of Art, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the School of Applied Arts, and one of his teachers was Paul Meyerheim. In 1894 he settled in NYC and worked as an illustrator; though by 1913, was elected an Associate Member of the National Academy of Design. He became a full member in 1920. He built a summer studio home, “The Paintbox” in Banff, Alberta in 1922, and Theodore Roosevelt became a great admirer and collector of his work, known for rugged mountain landscapes and wildlife. The artist died in NYC. CAC Exhibitions: 29th Annual (1938) Peter Hassrick, Drawn to Yellowstone. (H)
  • RUPP, Delbert O.
    Associate Member, lived in Glendale. (R, 1964)
  • RUSSELL, Margaret S.
    Member. (B, joined Oct. 1960)
  • RUTHRAUFF, Frederic G.
    Member. Passed away Feb. 1932 in Ogden, UT. (B)
  • RYMAN, Herbert Dickens (1910 – 1989)
    30th CAC President
    With his sister, Lucille Carroll, formed the Ryman Carroll Foundation, a program to give free, high-quality art instructions to talent high school students. During 1938-41 he was an instructor at Chouinard. (H) Honorary Artist, lived in Van Nuys. (R, 1964) (B, passing, June 1989)