Artists associated with the California Art Club include both nationally recognized and up-and-coming artists, all of whom are committed to using classical fine art techniques to create works that provide commentaries on issues facing society today. For artists, membership in the organization helps advance their professional provenance while preserving the future of traditional fine art.

On the following pages you can view artwork of California Art Club artists, which is presented by category of membership. And if you are an artist and would welcome the opportunity to have your artwork featured in our artist rosters, join today!

Signature Artists

The top tier of artist membership in the California Art Club, Signature Artists – both painters and sculptors – have been elected to this status by the CAC Board of Directors and a panel of their peers. Members of this category include well established artists who have exhibited their work extensively, been featured in leading art publications and won major awards at a national level.

Artist Members

Artist members are professional fine art painters or sculptors residing in California and are juried into this category. The number of Artist Members is limited.

Out-of-State Artists

Out-of-State Artists are professional fine art painters and sculptors residing outside California. Membership is by invitation or selection by a membership jury.

Associate Artists

Associate Artist is a starting point for members who want to expand their visibility as a contemporary-traditional artist, while honing skills and building connections that can help further their careers. Why join as an Associate Artist?

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program represents a starting point for membership in the California Art Club for professional artists or art students under 35 years of age residing in California. Why apply to the Mentorship Program?

Student Artists

The Student Artist category of membership is available to individuals with a valid student ID, who want to develop their traditional art skills, build connections with other artists, and learn more about art as a profession. Why join as a Student Artist?

In Memoriam

California Art Club pays tribute to our artists who have passed on, but who have left the world with their beautiful artistic legacy.