How do I become a member of the California Art Club?
There are two types of membership: Artist and Art Enthusiast (Patron). Join online now.

Artist: The Artist categories of memberships include Associate Artist, Artist, Out-of-State Artist, Signature Artist, Student Artist, and Mentorship Program members. All new members join at the Associate Artist, Mentorship Program or Student Artist categories. Once each year, all current Associate Artist members are invited to apply for consideration as a juried Artist or Out-of-State Artist members. Mentorship Program membership is open only to applicants under the age of 32.

Art Enthusiast: The Art Enthusiast categories include Patron, Benefactor, and Collectors’ Circle members, and they are geared towards individuals  who wish to support the Club, meet fellow art collectors and patrons, and meet artists through participating in a variety of events and activities. The Collectors’ Circle is an exclusive category for collectors of all levels, offering special privileges including tours of renowned artists’ studios, art dinners, visits to collectors’ private homes, and invitations to special events, such as the Collectors’ Circle Preview Dinner for the Annual Gold Medal Exhibition.

For more info please see our Membership page.

How do I become a juried Artist member?
The number of juried Artist members in the California Art Club is limited by our bylaws, and, as a result, the number of new Artist members accepted each year is relatively small. Jurying for new Artist members takes place once a year; current Associate Artist members will receive an email that announces the process, required materials and deadlines. For more information about the process, visit Annual Jurying for Juried Artist Membership.

How do I list information in the CAC Newsletter?
There are four areas in which you may list information in the California Art Club Newsletter: Museum/Gallery Exhibitions, Membership News, Paint/Sculpt-Outs and Calls For Entries.

To send information through the mail, please address the correspondence to:
California Art Club
Attention: Newsletter Submission for __________
(please specify which area)
65 South Grand Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

Newsletter. submission may also be emailed, with “Newsletter Submission for ______________” in the subject line, to Please contact the CAC Office at 626/583-9009 for the current submission deadline.

Can I promote my workshops on the CAC website?
For a nominal fee, current CAC members may list their workshops on the website.

How many regional Chapters does CAC have?*
We currently have more than 10 chapters throughout the state.  Visit the CAC Chapters page for a complete list. All of our chapters are volunteer-based.

For more information about our chapters, or if you are interested in organizing a chapter in your area, please email

How much does it cost to place an ad in the CAC Newsletter?
A quarter-page ad in California Art Club Newsletter costs $550 for a one-time ad, or $400 per ad for insertions in four consecutive issues. Advertising is particularly geared to art services, such as framers, art suppliers, etc. The newsletter has a circulation of more than 6,000 copies, and is distributed to members as well as museums, galleries, libraries, schools and other art organizations nationwide.

Can I become a member if I live outside of California?
Yes, there is no requirement that members be residents of California, and the organization offers Associate Artist and Patron membership throughout the United States and internationally. Click here to join. There is also a juried artist membership category for Out-of-State Artists. If you are juried into Artist membership, and live outside of California, you will automatically be designated as an Out-of-State Artist member. Similarly, if you are an Artist member residing in the state of California and then move out of state, you will automatically become an Out-of-State Artist member.

How can I obtain information about past CAC members?
In 2011, CAC opened our California Impressionism and Western Art Research Library in Pasadena, in addition to maintaining a large archive of materials on the early years of the organization. View our online History section to review information on early CAC members, CAC presidents, and much more. If you are interested in visiting the Library, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our archives are continually growing as new materials are uncovered. If you have any information regarding deceased CAC members, we welcome the opportunity to receive originals or copies of materials about them (obituaries, exhibition brochures and listings, etc.) to build our archives, especially as they relate to the California Art Club. Please send materials to the California Art Club Archives, 65 S. Grand Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105.

How can I visit the California Impressionism and Western Art Research Library?
The library is open by appointment only during regular business hours, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please contact us to make an appointment. The library is non-circulating; books may not be checked out.

Can you help me identify an artwork I own?
If you would like us to assist you in researching an artist or artwork, we charge a nominal fee of $25 per research request. Please call the CAC Office at (626) 583-9009 to pay with a credit card, and we will be happy to look into your question. (CAC does not guarantee that we will be able to provide an answer your question.)

Please be aware that CAC is NOT qualified to give appraisals of artwork. The following list of national professional associations and organizations may provide further assistance. CAC is not affiliated with any of the following organizations.

Is my donation to CAC tax-deductible?
Yes, the California Art Club is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and as such, all donations are tax deductible. If you send CAC a donation, you will receive a thank you letter specifying the amount that is tax deductible. For information, email Membership dues are not considered a donation, but may be tax deductible as a business expense; please consult your tax advisor.