This historical membership roster notes many of the deceased members of the Club since its inception in 1909.

This is a work-in-progress. Names not presented in boldface represent individuals who may have been members of the organization, but their involvement could not be confirmed through research of various published source materials.

(A) = Annual CAC Exhibitions
(B) = CAC Bulletin
(H) = Edan Hughes’ Artists in California 1786 – 1940 [Third Edition, Two Volumes]
(M) = Nancy Moure’s Southern California Art
(R) = CAC Membership Roster

  • ABRIL, Ben (1923 – 1995)
    Artist Member, joined the CAC on November 30, 1994. Studied at Art Center, School of Allied Arts, Glendale College, Chouinard, and L.A. County Art Institute. He was known for his work that depicted nostalgic and historic Los Angeles locations such as Angel’s Flight and Bunker Hill. Member: American Watercolor Society – NY; National Watercolor Society – LA; San Gabriel Fine Art Association. He passed away at age 72 on June 7, 1995. (CAC Newsletter article, Nov. 1995)
  • ABOLFATHI, Mikail
    Member. (B, joined Mar. 1988)
  • ADAMS, Alan
    A native of Australia, he later lived in Los Angeles. He was very active in the 58th Annual Exhibition when he served as Second Vice-President of the CAC, exhibiting #46 “Morning Haze;” #62 “Moonlight,” (2nd Place, Marine) and #100 “Oregon Sunset.” He also helped hang the exhibition and his wife assisted with the reception. (R, 1964) CAC Exhibitions: Art Salon (1966); 58th Annual (1967)
  • ADAMS, Florence
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964, 1978-79)
  • ADAMS, Velma (1902 – 1987)
    Studied sculpting with her friend Julia B. Wendt and painting with Frank T. Chamberlin; also a lithographer and etcher. She became a CAC member in 1922 and was still active with the club in Dec. 1984. Adams passed away Dec. 16, 1987. (CAC Bulletin Vol. 94 No. 29, Dec. 1984) (Exh. with the CAC 1924, 1928-29, 1937, 1940 and 1947) (H) (M) (R) (B, passing, Feb. 1988)
  • ADLER, Florence (1882 – 1954)
    A painter whose work includes portraits and still lifes. She took over the CAC clipping book (now in the Archives of American Art, DC) in Nov. 1945. She passed away July 3, 1954. (H) (B)
  • AIKMAN, Daniel R.
    Artist Member, lived in Long Beach. (R, 1978-79)
  • ALBRO, Maxine (1893 – 1966)
    She studied with Diego Rivera in Mexico, and worked for the Federal Public Works of Art Project. She married the sculptor Parker Hall and first appears with the CAC during their Spring 1918 Exhibit. CAC Exhibitions: Spring Exhibition (1918) (H) (M)
  • ALDRIN, Anders Gustav (1889 – 1970)
    Began to paint while recuperating from tuberculosis contracted during WWI. Learned the Japanese method of color woodblock prints from Frank Morley Fletcher at the Santa Barbara School of Fine Arts. (Exh. with the CAC in the 1930’s.) (H)
  • ALEXANDER, Sara Dora Block (1888 – 1980)
    Settled in San Diego and was a student of Charles Reiffel. Also lived in Woodland Hills, CA. (Exh. with the CAC in 1955.) (H) (R, 1964) (B, joined Apr. 1947)
  • ALLEN, Gertrude Dodds (d. 1953)
    Member; passed away Sept. 29, 1953. (B, Dec. 1953)
  • ALLEN, Viola M.
    Artist Member, lived in Malibu. (R, 1964)
  • ALLIOT, Hector Dr. (1862 – 1919)
    Born November 20, 1862 at Chateau des Forestiers, Gironde, France. In 1901, at the request of Charles Lummis, he became curator of the Southwest Society of the Archaeological Institute (later the Southwest Museum). Possibly a member of the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles (he gave a talk during one of their meetings), Alliot was later elected an Honorary Member of the CAC (Feb. 27, 1910). An internationally known art critic and archaeologist, he moved to L.A. from S.F. after the 1906 earthquake. . He was also the first professor of Art History at USC. Alliot died February 15, 1919 of a heart attack; the Hector Alliot Memorial Library of Archaeology was established by the Ruskin Art Club in his honor at the Southwest Museum.
  • ALPERS, William F.
    Alpers was awarded first prize in commercial art (included was a year of membership with the CAC) at the First Annual G.I. Art Exhibit in Los Angeles. CAC Exhibitions: G.I. Exhibit (1946)
  • ALTHOUSE, Lillian G. (1893 – 1979)
    Born in California on June 7, 1893; by 1925 Althouse had settled in Los Angeles. She died there on January 19, 1979. (H)
  • ALVAREZ, Mabel (1891 – 1985)
    She painted portraits of the Irving Berlin and Samuel Goldwyn families; artist and art critic Arthur Millier wrote in the Los Angeles Times praising her work during the 1920’s. She first appears with the CAC during their Spring 1918 Exhibit. (H) (M) Exhibited with CAC: Spring Exhibit, 9th Annual (1918); Spring Exhibit, 10th Annual (1919); 11th Annual (1920); 12th Annual (1921); 13th Annual, Building Fund Exhibition (1922); 14th Annual (1923); 16th Annual (1925); 17th Annual (1926); 18th Annual, Hollyhock House Opening Exhibition (1927); 19th Annual, California Art Exhibit (Bullock’s), (1928); 20th Annual (1929); 21st Annual (1930); 22nd Annual (1931); 23rd Annual (1932); 24th Annual (1933); 25th Annual (1934); 26th Annual (1935); 27th Annual (1936); 28th Annual (1937)
  • ALVAREZ, Florence
    Florence and Mabel Alvarez were among a group of listed CAC Members that got together for a 1918 picnic in Laguna Beach. (Santa Ana Daily Register, July 23, 1918, p.5, California Art Club Members Enjoy Moonlight Picnic on Cliffs)
  • AMMON, Greta
    Artist Member, lived in Los Angeles. Honorary Life Member. (R, 1964, 1978-79)
  • ANDERSON, Antony E. (1863 – 1939)
    Charter Member, 1st Secretary and Treasurer, Honorary Member (voted Nov. 26, 1907) of the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles; Honorary Life Member of the CAC (elected Feb. 27, 1910). Anderson studied under Brush, Melchers and Freer; when he moved to L.A. in 1903, he became the first art critic for the Los Angeles Times. He donated 500 books to form the nucleus of the CAC’s Antony Anderson Library (c.1928), which sadly have been lost in the years since. CAC Exhibitions: 1st Annual (1911)
  • ANDERSON, Dorothy Visju (1874 – 1960)
    Studied with Chase and at the AIC; she was primarily a portrait painter and founded the Beverly Hills AA. (Exh. with the CAC in 1936.) (H) (M)
  • ANDRES, Adele (1898 – 1992)
    She was an illustrator and printer as well as a painter, and studied at the AIC. (Exh. with the CAC in 1962.) (H) Artist Member, lived in North Hollywood. (R, 1964)
  • ANDRESEN, Ruby
    Artist Member, lived in Sierra Madre. (R, 1964)
  • ARGALL, Charles James Gladstone (1893 – 1956)
    23rd CAC President
    Born in San Jose, California on October 25, 1893. After graduating from the College of the Pacific, Argall settled in Los Angeles and further studied at Chouinard. He died in Los Angeles on January 27, 1956. His teachers were Frank Tolles Chamberlin, Will Foster and Ralph Johonnet. Argall’s brother Cluade Argall passed away in 1951. (B, Sept. 1951)
  • ARGALL, Mrs. Charles James Gladstone (n.d.)
    Pres. Paval awarded Honorary Life Memberships to the wives of the first 20 CAC Presidents. (B, Aug. 1955)
  • ARMSTRONG, Marion W.
    Artist Member, lived in Palos Verdes Peninsula. (R, 1964)
  • ARMSTRONG, Samuel
    Member (B, joined Dec. 1932)
  • ASHMEAD, Hal
    Associate Member, lived in Los Angeles. (R, 1964)
  • ASKENAZY, Mischa (“Maurice”) (1888 – 1961)
    Honorary Life Member. Studied at the National Academy of Design, and then in France and Italy. Settled in Montecito in 1925. CAC Exhibitions: 35th Annual (1944); 46th Annual (1955); 50th Annual (1959); (H, CAC Exhibits: 1949-55) (H) (B, Moment of Silence, July 1961)
  • ASSELN, Roberta (1907 – 2003)
    Born in Camp Hill, PA on November 12, 1907, Asseln moved to Los Angeles in 1922 at age 15. She was employed there in commercial art while studying at Chouinard. A student of George Fowler, Robert Frame, William Bowne, Robert Uecker and Oscar Van Young. Her married name was Hansen. She died on June 6, 2003. (Exh. in the 46th and 50th CAC Annuals.) (H)
  • ATTRIDGE, Irma Gertrude (1894 – 1978)
    Attridge was born in Chicago and settled in Beverly Hills after graduating from Los Angeles High School and studying at the Chouinard Art Institute. She married a man whose last name was Beamish, and began exhibiting watercolors in Southern California by 1966, when she also served as President of the California Watercolor Society. Her work is in the Bowers Museum (Santa Ana, CA); the Los Angeles Public Library and the Frye Museum (Seattle). CAC Exhibitions: 35th Annual (1944)
  • AULMANN, Theodora (1882 – 1960)
    Born in Alton, Illinois on May 5, 1882. Aulmann studied art at the Cumming School of Art in Des Moines. She moved to Los Angeles in 1920 and was active there for many years. (H)
  • AUSTIN, Charles Percy (1883 – 1948)
    Active Member of the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles. Founding Member and 1st Secretary of CAC (from 1909-1916, 1918). A student of Twachtman, he took over Granville Redmond’s old studio in 1908. Austin was designated as part of an Exhibition Committee at the CAC’s 2nd monthly meeting on Feb. 5, 1910. (LAT; PCLA Minutes – Elected prior to Feb. 4, 1908). CAC Exhibitions: 1st Annual Chautauqua Exhibit (1910); 1st Annual, 2nd Annual (1911); 3rd Annual; Spring Exhibition (1912); 4th Annual (1913); 5th Annual, Spring Exhibition (1914); 8th Annual (1917); Spring Exhibition (1918) (H) (M)
  • AVERY, Kenneth Newell (1882 – 1949)
    Pupil of Chase in NYC and Laurens in Paris. Avery is first seen with the CAC in their 1st Annual Exhibit. CAC Exhibitions: 1st Annual (1910); 21st Annual (1930) (H) (M)
  • AYALA, Daniel
    Associate Member, lived in El Monte. (R, 1964)
  • AYARS, Margaret T. (1902 – 1990)
    Active in Pasadena in the 1930’s, she painted Eaton Canyon and Tujunga as well as other locales. (Exh. with the CAC in 1938.) (H) (M)
  • AYRES, Martha Oathout (1890 – 1975)
    Studied at the AIC in NYC, taught sculpture in Denver. (Exh. with the CAC in 1927.) (H) (M)