Walter Fredrick Seely
(1886 – 1959)

Painter, photographer. Born in Monkton, Canada on December 7, 1886. Seely [sometimes misspelled as “Seeley”] appears to have settled in Los Angeles about 1930. He studied locally with Jack Wilkinson Smith and at the Otis Art Institute. A long-time resident of 8226 Sunset Boulevard [his studio address, which had a fire March 31, 1959 where he lost several paintings]. Seely died in Los Angeles on July 14, 1959.

Seely’s incoming speech as CAC President in May 1957:

“Greetings! It is with mixed feelings of humility and pride that I accept the Presidency of the California Art Club.

This is one of the oldest and most important Art Clubs in the West. Many very celebrated and skillful artists are, and have been, members of this Club.

I promise to do all in my power to serve as diligently and faithfully as my illustrious predecessors.

We have very high aims, and certainly individuals have been working very hard to enlarge our building fund. It is my ambition to make it possible to own our own building.

Please consider me your personal friend and servant. If you have any questions, feel free to call on me.

Yours faithfully, Walter Fredrick Seely, President.”

Image courtesy

Edan Milton Hughes, Artists in California 1786 – 1940; CAC Bulletins: May 1957, April 1959

Academy of Western Painters
California Art Club (President, May 1957 – May 1959)
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