Jean Blanchard
(d. 1990)

Blanchard lived in North Hollywood, where she worked for the studios of Disney, Warner Bros., and Hanna-Barbera. (The 1984 Roster and By-Laws gives her address as 606 Hagar St., San Fernando, CA 91340). Her teachers included Edward Runci, Myrtle Kennedy, Margaret Roach and Barton Manbert – after her interest turned to watercolor, she studied with Chuck Fuson, Jake Lee, and Rex Brandt. Later in England Blanchard worked under British artists David Burley and Walter Roberts. Failing eyesight forced her to give up active membership, and her art supplies were given to the CAC. She died in March 1990. Don Roaché brought the items to the following March and April meetings to see if any CAC members were interested; the CAC Bulletin had asked for a CAC donation in honor of Jean for the items from interested parties. Member: CAC, Valley Artists Guild, San Fernando Valley Art Club (Life Member). (R, 1978-79) (A) (B, passing, Apr. 1990)

This image (which appears to be a sculpture) accompanies Jean Blanchard’s entry in the 1984 CAC Roster and By-Laws.

American Institute of Fine Art
California Art Club (President, 1977 – 1981; Treasurer, 1981)
San Fernando Valley Art Club (President and Life Member)
San Fernando Valley Arts Council (Board Member)
Valley Artists Guild