Carolyn (Carol) Arrant Rensen

The daughter of Vernon and Florence Kitchens Arrant, Carol Arrant married Jules S. Rensen* and practiced as an attorney in Los Angeles before becoming the 40th President of the California Art Club in August 1985. CAC President-Elect Renato Contini had just been elected in June, but passed away suddenly on July 31, 1985. After Contini’s death, Rensen assumed the mantle of President through June 1989, when Sig Vogel was elected. However, Vogel subsequently resigned in December 1989, only halfway through his term, so Rensen again presided as President Pro-Tem until the next regular elections (summer 1990). She was then re-elected and served through December 1990.

According to the 75th Anniversary Edition of the CAC Roster (1984), Carol Rensen “is an artist who paints for pleasure in her spare time when she is not occupied with her practice of law. She began oil painting in 1973 under the guidance of former California Art Club member Chet Collum. Her paintings include still life and portraits. However, her primary interests are in painting animals, particularly domestic cats in various poses and positions and a variety of colors.”

At some point prior to 2006, the Rensens left Los Angeles for Monroe, LA and later went to Knoxville, TN. Carol Rensen passed away on May 26, 2010 in Knoxville at the age of 71 after an extended convalescence in Atlanta, GA.

* Jules S. Rensen (husband), born in Los Angeles (c.1931), passed away in Knoxville, TN (December 2006) at age 75. (accessed Dec. 6, 2010)

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California Art Club (President, August 1985 – June 1989, 1990)