January 7, 1908: Seven members present for the meeting as well as one visiting artist, Mr. Scott from New Zealand. C. A. Rogers and H. W. Cannon elected to membership. (Minutes)

“The ever busy Painters’ Club held a meeting at their rooms in the Copp building on last Tuesday evening. Each member of the club brought a new painting or sketch for discussion and criticism.” (L.A. Times, January 12, 1908)

February 4, 1908: “Good attendance” at this meeting, including one visitor, a Mr. J. J. (J. K.?) Ray. There appear to be 29 members of the Painters’ Club by this date, judging from a list that seems to be a checklist of dues paid. Four members are crossed out on this list (given up membership?) – Joseph Greenbaum, R. W. Borough, C. P. Neilson, and F. J. Johnson. (Minutes)

“The Painters’ Club will meet next Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock at No. 434 Copp building. Every member is expected to bring a new sketch for criticism.” (L.A. Times, Feb. 2, 1908, VI2)

March 1, 1908: “The Painters’ Club will celebrate its second anniversary by a smoker on next Tuesday evening, to be given in the ballroom of the Majestic Hotel, Hope and First Streets. The smoker will be followed by a luncheon.” (L.A. Times, March 1, 1908, VI2)

March 3, 1908: The Painters’ Club held a celebration smoker at the Majestic Hotel in honor of their Second Anniversary. Hector Alliot gave a talk on the study of color, and the proprietor of the Hotel, Mr. Holmes, gave a short presentation and played the piano prior to supper. (PC Minutes)

“The Painters’ Club had an enjoyable reunion last Tuesday at the Hotel Majestic. It began with a … [illegible] … and ended with a luncheon of … [illegible] … and cakes, punch and … [illegible] … members told a … [illegible] …rose to express …[illegible] … and Mr. Holmes, p… [illegible] …tel, gave a most dra… [illegible] …”Eugene Aram’s D… [illegible] …sion was the second … [illegible] … of the club’s existence.” (L.A. Times, March 8, 1908, VI2)

April 7, 1908: Val Costello proposed John Smith (Jack W. Smith) as a new member; his work was reviewed and he was accepted. Martin Jackson proposed a sketching trip on Tuesday April 14th – members meeting at the Car Station on West 4th St. at 12 noon. (Minutes)

“On the evening of Tuesday next the Painters’ Club will meet at the studio of Martin Jackson, No. 434 Copp building at 8 o’clock. All members are requested to bring new sketches for criticism by the club.” (L.A. Times, April 5, 1908, VI2)

May 3, 1908: “The Painters’ Club will meet Tuesday evening, May 5, at 8 o’clock at No. 434 Copp building. All members are requested to bring their sketches for the usual criticism.” (L.A. Times, May 3, 1908, VI2)

May 5, 1908: Rev. John William Theiss unanimously voted (first) Vice President. Another visitor, Mr. Everetts (?), was present. (PC Minutes)

“At the meeting of the Painters’ Club last week, J. W. Theiss was elected vice-president. John Smith, a painter and illustrator, was made a member of the club. (Theiss was elected at this time; but it was actually a month prior at the April 7th meeting that John/Jack W. Smith was elected).

It was also decided that during the first two weeks of October the club would hold an exhibition of paintings and sketches in the Blanchard gallery, every member to contribute five paintings and a number of sketches. As the membership is now twenty, the exhibition promises to be a full and most interesting one.” (L.A. Times, May 10, 1908, VI2)

June 2, 1908: A previous proposition by Warren Hedges was discussed by the members and accepted – that the Painters’ Club could meet at the Art Students League (in Blanchard Hall) on the first Tuesday of each month until September, at which time the Painters’ Club would pay rent. Three visitors were present: Mr. Spencer, Mr. Victor Coules and a third unnamed. (Minutes)

June 16, 1908: “The Painters’ Club gave their president, Albert Clinton Conner, a pleasant “surprise” last Tuesday evening. Little talks on art, by different members of the club, were part of the cheerful convivialities of the occassion.” (L.A. Times, June 21, 1908, III4)

July 7, 1908: The idea of a membership card was brought up, and a design was submitted by Martin J. Jackson. This was later approved. Three new applicants for membership were present – J. M. Black and Burton Boundey were accepted, while Mr. Spencer’s application was deferred pending further examination. (Minutes)

July 21, 1908: “The Painters’ Club, that thriving organization of earnest workers, held a special meeting on last Tuesday evening at the Art Students’ League, for the purpose of discussing their forthcoming exhibition, which will be held at the Blanchard gallery in September or October. J. M. Black and Burton Boundey, both of Monrovia, were made members of the club at the last meeting.” (L.A. Times, July 26, 1908, III2)

August 4, 1908: 15 x 20 cards were distributed among the members for posters to be used as announcements for the upcoming exhibition. Warren Hedges and David Dunn were appointed as a committee to be in charge of refreshments, music, etc. at the exhibition. (Minutes)

“At the meeting of the Painters’ Club last Tuesday evening William Wendt was made a member. In two weeks the club will have another special meeting for the consideration of the coming exhibition, which will be held early in October.” (L.A. Times, August 9, 1908, III2)

August 18, 1908: “At the last meeting of the Painters’ Club, held on Tuesday at the Art Students’ League, the various members submitted original posters, which are to be used as announcements of the coming exhibition, which is to be held early in October. The posters are to be distributed all over the city.” (L.A. Times, August 23, 1908, III2)

August 24, 1908: “The members of the Painters’ Club were entertained last Monday evening by William Wendt and Julia Bracken Wendt, at the Sichel Street studios of these artists. New pictures by Mr. Wendt and recent bits of modeling by Mrs. Wendt were the attractions of the evening, though the members of the club were also regaled on a delightful Bohemian lunch. The club’s regular meeting will be held next Tuesday evening at the Art Students’ League.” (L.A. Times, August 30, 1908, III2)

September 1, 1908: Hanging committee elected: W. Wendt, C. A. Rogers, F. R. Liddell, M. J. Jackson. Press Committee elected: D. Dunn, M. J. Jackson. F. E. Evans was chosen as curator for the full course of the exhibit at a rate of $2/day and 10% commission on all sales. (Minutes)

“The members of the Painters’ Club, who met last Tuesday at the Art Students’ League, have prepared some very strong and original posters for their coming exhibition, which will open in Blanchard Hall on October 8 and continue for two weeks. The event will be one of the notable ones of the year.” (L.A. Times, September 6, 1908, III2)

September 20, 1908: “The exhibition of the Painters’ Club will open at Blanchard Hall on the evening of October 7, with a private view by special invitation. On this occasion refreshments will be served to the guests by a reception committee of ladies. The following hanging committee was elected last Tuesday evening: William Wendt, C. E. Rogers, Frank R. Liddell, Martin J. Jackson. Press Committee: David Dunn, Martin J. Jackson. Striking posters, designed and painted by the members of the club, are now being shown in shop windows all over Los Angeles.” (L.A. Times, September 20, 1908, III2)

September 27, 1908: “The first annual exhibition of the Painters’ Club will open at the Blanchard Hall gallery on the evening of October 7, with a reception to friends of the artists. The public will be admitted on the following forenoon, free of charge, and for the two weeks that follow this date. A strong exhibition is looked for, as the club is composed of earnest workers.” (L.A. Times, September 27, 1908, III2)

September 29, 1908: Special meeting to receive the pictures and sketches in black and white for the exhibition. M. J. Jackson appointed to produce a typewritten catalogue for the black and white work, and F. R. Liddell was given the task of putting a writeup in West Coast magazine. (Minutes)

October 4 , 1908: “The Painters’ Club, whose exhibition will open next Wednesday evening, will hold an auction of the posters made for the exhibition, at the conclusion of the two weeks of the show. The funds will be used for a ‘Bohemian supper.’” (L.A. Times, October 4, 1908, III2)

October 6, 1908: Eugene C. Franks applied for membership with three examples of his work; his application was deferred until the Club could view more of his recent work. (Minutes)

October 7 – 22, 1908: The First Annual Exhibition was held at the Blanchard Art Gallery with a private opening reception on the evening of October 7. Some pieces were sold; a charcoal sketch by Burton Boundey and two of Harry Bailey’s pictures. The twenty-five posters announcing the exhibit were sold by auction on the 22nd by Mr. Wm. A. Matern. (Minutes; L.A. Times, Oct. 25, 1907) (Full coverage of the exhibit – L.A. Times, October 11, 1908, III2, and October 18, 1908, III2)

1st Annual Exhibition of the Painters’ Club

October 7 – 22, 1908

  • Charles Percy Austin
    (“…delicate pastels … charcoal drawings…” -would seem to indicate at least 4 works)
  • Harry L. Bailey
    The Workers – (depicting horses) Sold (Minutes/LAT, Nov. 8, 1908)
  • Harry L. Bailey
    landscape – Sold (LAT, Nov. 8, 1908)
  • Harry L. Bailey
    studies of horses; oils and watercolors
  • J. M. Black
    “small canvases”
  • Carl Oscar Borg
    Seal Hunters, Island of Santa Cruz
  • Burton S. Boundey
    Charcoal sketch – Sold (Minutes)
  • Burton S. Boundey
    (plus others? “small canvases”)
  • Albert Clinton Conner
    Midwinter in the San Gabriel Valley
  • Albert Clinton Conner
    Across the Channel – marine
  • Frank Conner
    Little Santa Anita Cañon
  • David Dunn
    A Rocky Point
  • David Dunn
    On Laguna Coast
  • David Dunn
    Showery at Rubio
  • Frank Elwyn Evans
    The Call of the Brook
  • Frank Elwyn Evans
    In the Gloaming
  • Martin J. Jackson
    (“…Chinatown studies, all made in Los Angeles…)
  • A.E. Kilpatrick
    Montecito Valley
  • A.E. Kilpatrick
    Oat Mountain
  • A.E. Kilpatrick
  • A.E. Kilpatrick
    Montecito Hills
  • A.E. Kilpatrick
    (others canvases?)
  • Frank R. Liddell
  • Hanson Puthuff
    Portrait Study of Miss S.
  • Hanson Puthuff
    Summer Morning
  • Hanson Puthuff
    Near San Isidro
  • Charles A. Rogers
    (“…scenes among the picturesque purlieus of Chinatown, both here and in San Francisco before the fire…”)
  • Charles A. Rogers
    (“…drawing of buildings…his studies among the ruins of San Francisco…”
  • Norman St. Clair
    (“…yet a poet…his execution is brilliantly sure.”)
  • J.W. Theiss
    Secret of the Forest (1 of 6 watercolors exhibited)
  • William Wendt
    Among the Hills
  • William Wendt
    Sunlight and Shadow
  • William Wendt

Eighty-eight pictures were shown (source?) by seventeen members listed; the rest of the work in the exhibition is unnamed in the article. (L.A. Times, Oct. 18, 1907)

October 13, 1908: A special meeting was held to discuss the future year for the Club. The main topic was the “amendments of adjustment in the constitution and by-laws of the Club;” a committee was appointed to look into it: W. Wendt, A. C. Conner, C. A. Rogers, and F. R. Liddell. (Minutes)

October 25, 1908: “The twenty-five posters which the Painters’ Club has been showing in different parts of the city, were sold at auction from the gallery at Blanchard Hall last Wednesday.” (L.A. Times, October 25, 1908, III2)

November 3, 1908: “The Painters’ Club will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday evening at 3 o’clock at the Art Students’ League.” (L.A. Times, November 1, 1908, III2)

November 10, 1908: The members and friends of the Club met at Campi’s Cafe and “enjoyed a delightful banquet to the celebrate the first annual exhibition.” After the cafe, everyone went to Chinatown, “there viewing many of the picturesque alleys, nooks and corners of that city of celestials by night.” (Minutes)

December 1, 1908: A. C. Conner unanimously re-elected President, and Rev. Theiss re-elected Vice President. D. Dunn resigned as Secretary/Treasurer, and Martin Jackson was elected to Dunn’s post. Charles Gaskill proposed for membership by W. Matern; accepted as an Associate. (PC Minutes)

December 8, 1908: “The Painters’ Club held an election last Tuesday evening: Albert Clinton Conner still holds the presidency by a unanimous vote; Martin J. Jackson was made secretary and treasurer. Last night the club tendered Mr. and Mrs. William Wendt a surprise party at the Sichel-street studio of the wedded artists.” (L.A. Times, December 13,1908, III2)