May 23 - September 15, 2024
California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill 1120 Old Mill Road San Marino, CA 91108 626.449.5458

This exhibition will explore the warm light that comes just before sunset, and just after sunrise, and imbues a soft natural glow on everything that it touches. Works can feature anything from urban scenes bathed in warm light, landscapes blooming beneath the sun that touches just above the horizon line, and waterscapes that glimmer with warmth. Figurative works can feature radiant portraits, still lifes can explore light pouring in through the window on metallic trinkets, fabric, or other meaningful objects.  

The Reception with the Artists is Thursday, May 23; 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at The California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill.

The California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill is open Tuesday – Sunday between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Call them for more details at 626.449.5458.

All artwork will be available for acquisition, either in-person at The Old Mill, or virtually through the CAC Virtual Gallery.

Exhibiting Artists: Peter Adams, Rebecca Arguello, Nanette Biers, Larry Cannon, Ruth Carroll, Maura Carta, Christin Coy, Mark Fehlman, Tatyana Fogarty, Terri Ford, Linda Glover Gooch, Danny Griego, Albert Handell, Laurie Hendricks, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Debra J. Holladay, Joseph Iantorno, John Kosta, Chuck Kovacic, Paul Kratter, Mike Lee, Lee MacLeod, Terry Miura, Erica Norelius, Michael Obermeyer, Davis Perkins, Anette Power, Lori Putnam, Naomi Shachar, James Tennison, Christophe Vacher, Renae Wang, Jove Wang, Sharon Weaver, Karen Winters, and Jing Zhao.