Three Point Perspective: Dean, Elliott, & Hagege


“The stark yet beautiful places of the West have lured, captivated, and inspired generations of artists. Glenn Dean, Josh Elliott, and Logan Maxwell Hagege are shining lights amid the latest crop of young artists drawn to the West. Faced with the daunting legacy of Western images spanning 180 years, all three seek to innovate and differentiate, rather than recycle the status quo. In an age when work ethic is far from a given, few artists can match the talent, tenacity, dedication, and passion for improving that is evident in their work.

Three Point Perspective: Dean, Elliott & Hagege, organized by the Booth Western Art Museum, seeks to shift the discussion to the quality of the art itself. With a dozen works by each artist, the exhibition invites investigation of the premise that all three have similar influences, often paint side-by-side, yet their individual styles result in easily identifiable paintings.”

Publisher: Booth Western Art Museum, 2015
Editor: Seth Hopkins
40 pages