IN NATURE’S TEMPLE: The Life and Art of William Wendt



Publisher: The Irvine Museum and the Laguna Art Museum, 2008
Hardcover, 317 pages, and 305 color plates
Condition: BRAND NEW

“Published in 2008 by Will South, with an essay by Jean Stern and chronology by Janet Blake, is the definitive book on this important California Impressionist painter. A well-written and highly readable book.”

“In the Nature’s Temple: The Life and Art of William Wendt was the first full-scale retrospective on the art of William Wendt. In 1912 William Wendt was elected an Associate Member of the National Academy of Design, the same year that he built a studio-home in Laguna Beach. In many ways, Wendt represented the essential nature of California Impressionism both stylistically and ideologically. No other California Impressionist so consistently essayed the sweeping, romantic grand landscape view as Wendt, and no other painter so strongly equated his work with the ideology of Nature as Creation, and Nature as a spiritual path. Dapper, distinguished, and much admired by his many followers, Wendt functioned as a very visible example of what an artist should aspire to, and his ongoing career summarized the idealism that was the foundation of California art in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.” Laguna Art Museum