December 11, 2023 - March 19, 2024
CAC Virtual Gallery

Wonders of Winter will offer cash prizes and a virtual exhibition and sale of the finest contemporary-traditional paintings and sculptures that interpret the theme utilizing classical skills.

The works could depict anything from figures skiing, to ballerinas dancing the Nutcracker, to nocturnal scenes showcasing a dazzling display of holiday lights and decorations, to snow dusted trees or snowcapped mountains, to migrating birds, or even allegorical works exploring the mythological story of the winter season.

The guest judge for this competition is Micah Christensen, PhD. renowned art historian and curator.

Exhibiting Artists Include: David Allen, Yvonne Bonacci, Paige Bradley, Larry Cannon, Ruth Carroll, Lorenzo Chavez, Shelley A. Cost, Esther Engelman, Andy Evansen, Michael Godfrey, Georgesse Gomez, Susan Grabowski, Coraly Hanson, Ricky Hill, Timothy Horn, Rose Irelan, Ivars Jekabsons, Sheryl Knight, Clement Kwan, John Lintott, Gayle Martin, James Morgan, Edward G. Penniman, Davis Perkins, Natalie Richards, Lee Rue, Daniel San Souci, William Schneider, Aaron Schuerr, Bernie Stein, Tom Swimm, James Tennison, Christophe Vacher, Renae Wang, and Nina Warner.