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Peggi Kroll Roberts – Expanding the Universe, Class Series 4

Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

My “Expanding the Universe” series of online classes were created to take us creatively to “isms” I have always wanted to explore. I have designed them to hopefully help the artist break free of a creative block, to give the artist permission to explore a style that has always intrigued them or simply play without fear. They are structured just enough to avoid the big question of “am I doing it right.” 

-Peggi Kroll Roberts


Online Thursday Class Series – July 9, 16, 23, & 30, 2020

Co-Hosted with Mark Daniel Nelson, assisted by Carole Gray-Weihman, and Ray Roberts

Each class is at least 1 hour (12 NOON PDT – 1PM PDT) or (19:00 UTC – 20:00 UTC)

Special Offer: Only $45 for this series of 4 classes

  1. Watch Four LIVE classes.
  2. Submit chat questions in the classroom *(comments answered by Carole, Mark, and other students).
  3. Stream/Download our HD recording of class (unlimited viewing) / Emailed to students 1 week after air date.
  4. Watch and participate in LIVE Q&A with Peggi.
  5. Access to Limited/Exclusive Facebook Group after the course ends.
  6. Homework is self-paced and not required.

Sign-Up Here: https://www.krollroberts.com/events/peggi-kroll-roberts-expanding-the-universe-series-4-jul-9-30-cac


July 9th

Class 1 String Theory — We’ll take a sketchpad or a large sheet of drawing paper and place our pen or pencil and start drawing while never lifting our drawing tool from the page! Look at your scene, start anywhere, and just draw. Go from object to object by never lifting your pen! Lot’s of beautiful lines can happen.

July 16th

Class 2I’m Feeling Dizzy — We will take any reference and paint or draw it backward, upside down, or tilted, and see what happens with the tension in the work. Another exercise that can make you wonder or even give you a feeling of unease. Can we override that with balance?

July 23rd

Class 3 — The Space Between — By taking objects or using the figure, we’ll make paintings by varying the space between them. Is there a subject that can portray big space and one that can close up the space.

July 30th

Class 4 — Upside Down and Turned Around — This is fun and a great tool to get beyond the subject and see it more as abstract shapes! Wonky shapes can happen, and we learn to embrace that part of it. But it’s just fun and helps to be more expressive.

Sign-Up Here: https://www.krollroberts.com/events/peggi-kroll-roberts-expanding-the-universe-series-4-jul-9-30-cac