Enjoy ArtNight from the comforts of home and meet three acclaimed artists with the historic California Art Club – Andrea Mosley, Michael Obermeyer and William Stout. In a short film by Cheryl Nathan, these artists, whose works range from landscapes and portraiture to sci-fi and fantasy, share their reasons for using traditional art techniques to convey their messages in a modern world. Watch this illuminating presentation below.

ArtNight 2020 program: California Art Club presents

Traditional Art. Today’s Perspectives. A Spotlight on California Art Club Artists

We are pleased to present this work from award-winning filmmaker and photographer Cheryl Nathan, who comes to us after working with FilAm Creative and Women Excel Project – Creative Visions Foundation. This production was made possible by funding from a 2020-21 Pasadena Arts and Culture Grant. Many thanks to The Old Mill Foundation and our featured artist members, Andrea Mosley, Michael Obermeyer, and William Stout, for their continued support and participation.

[Please note that the CAC Gallery at The Old Mill is currently not open to the public due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19 and related regulations imposed by the town of San Marino. As The Golden State is currently only publicly accessible virtually, enjoy this special opportunity to view the physical display.]

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Featured Artists:

Andrea Mosley, who trained at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, is well known for her captivating portraits.

“Painting is about bringing a canvas to life with paint by imbuing the surface with not only the soul of the subject, but also the heart of the painter,” she says in Southwest Art Emerging Artist feature. Read the full article here.

The award-winning Michael Obermeyer enjoys painting en plein air – or “in the open air.” He believes that painting outdoors and working quickly keeps his paintings fresh and spontaneous.  He particularly enjoys working in the open space as “it seems to be rapidly disappearing.”

Light is an important aspect of Obermayer’s work. “When you have two hours or less to paint a scene outdoors because of the light changes, you really have to learn to squint and just put in the basic shapes, regardless of how much you see. You have to find your focal point and realize that you’re just basically painting light. It’s not the subject so much as how light hits the subject.” Read the full article here.

William Stout is one of today’s most versatile artists, as his work spans science-fiction and fantasy to motion picture design, comic art and the reconstruction of prehistoric life. Michael Crichton credits Stout’s work as the inspiration for his book “Jurassic Park.” Stout refers to his career as the “pinball school of career planning” where he “bounced all over the place.” Read more about his voyage through various forms and genres here.

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