February 2021 eNewsletter

Greetings Friend!

From the very beginning of our long history, California Art Club artists have been pioneers, inspiring a new artistic movement and embracing the unconventional while still in the pursuit of promoting traditional art techniques.

This month we are charting an exciting new course, as we launch an exploration of new frontiers and collectively cast our artistic eyes on the cosmos. On Thursday, February 18, as the Mars Perseverance Rover makes its historic landing on the Red Planet, we will unveil our next virtual exhibition: Mars: An Artistic Mission.

This display will be unlike any CAC exhibition in recent years – or even decades – as our artists use their talents in creating representational imagery to present new artwork of Mars that spans fact, fiction and fantasy.

I hope you join us for this journey into space, which will include a Student Art Contest to encourage young artists to exercise their imagination and combine their interests in science and art. It is going to be other worldly!

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