William Stout – CAC Holiday Luncheon

Posted February 24, 2016

A special presentation was given by William Stout, CAC Signature Artist and Advisory Board Member, at the 2015 CAC Annual Holiday Luncheon. A multi-award-winning artist, Stout has authored more than 30 books on art and art history, as well as dozens of popular comic books; created rock’n roll covers and murals for natural history museums throughout the U.S.; and worked on numerous feature films. Stout spoke about the artists who inspired him, a diverse list that is sure to surprise and amuse you. With his background in art, music, film, and a specialty in paleontology, Stout’s presentation was a highlight program of the year.

He was also awarded the William and Julia Bracken Wendt Award for his numerous contributions to preserving and furthering California’s fine arts heritage.