The Painters’ Club of Los Angeles


PCLA MinutesPCLA MinutesPCLA Minutes

Examples of club minutes handwritten by Secretary Dunn from the first meeting of the PCLA

Club Beginnings

The histories of two early Los Angeles artists groups, the Painters’ Club and the California Art Club, are nearly inseparable. The Painters’ Club, organized in 1906 to bring artists together and present artwork for sale through exhibitions, allowed only men working in oil, watercolor or pastel to join. When the Painters’ Club disbanded a few years later, some of its previous members reorganized themselves, and the California Art Club was formed in late 1909. Its membership guidelines were widened to include women and sculptors, as well as artists who lived outside the state, and the new club quickly grew in size and stature.

[Note: The Painters’ Club also has predecessors – there is a common thread back to the Richmond Art Association, and even further back to the Rambler’s Sketch Club in Indiana. Albert Clinton Conner (1848-1929) is this thread. He and his brother Charles Conner (1857-1905), along with Frank Joseph Girardin (1856-1945) and Micajah Thomas Nordyke (1847 -?), founded the Rambler’s Sketch Club (c. 1881), and soon added John Elwood Bundy (1853 – 1933) to their group. The Rambler’s Sketch Club later metamorphosed into the Richmond Art Association (founded 1898, but had exhibited art in schools as early as 1896), which subsequently became the Richmond Art Museum. After Albert Clinton Conner moved to California, he helped to found the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles, and used the models of the two previous art clubs.]
1. Antony Anderson, The Painter From Indiana, Los Angeles Times, May 7, 1911; pg. III22
2. Email to Eric Merrell from Shaun Dingwerth, Exceutive Director of the Richmond Art Museum, September 11, 2008.

The Painters’ Club of Los Angeles

On the evening of March 10, 1906 a number of painters who lived in the Los Angeles area met together for the purpose of forming a club. Soon afterward, on the evening of March 17, eleven of these same men met at the studio of William Swift Daniell (1865-1933). After some discussion, it was unanimously decided to form a club then and there, and the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles was born. The dues for Active Membership were $2.00 per year (Sustaining or Associate Members paid $10/year). Their goal was "to meet in the spirit of comradeship and good temper for mutual criticism and suggestion on one another’s recent work." Albert Clinton ("Pops") Conner was elected President of the club; and Antony Anderson [the first art critic for the Los Angeles Times] was chosen to be the first Secretary and Treasurer. All of the artists were men, as no women were allowed.

"A number of the painters of Los Angeles have formed an association for mutual betterment in their craft and for good-fellowship. They will meet every fortnight and their meetings are to be the occasion of discussions on every topic that may be of practical interest to the painter in oils or watercolors. Each member of the club will bring a sketch, study or picture to every meeting, and all the other members will play the parts of critics…"

There can be no doubt that such an organization as the Painters’ Club has long been needed in our midst. Many artists of the town are utter strangers to one another, though they may have sent pictures to the same exhibitions and lived across the street from each other for years…The Painters’ Club intends to change all this…In fact, smiles have already been exchanged, and hands have even been heartily shaken, and the Painters’ Club has been formed…Some day the Painters’ Club may hold an exhibition of its own…The present membership of the Painters’ Club is as follows: Hanson Puthuff, Carl Oscar Borg, David Dunn, William Swift Daniell, Frank Conner, A.C. Conner, George T. Winterburn, Frank Elwin Evans, Antony E. Anderson, Frank R. Liddell and William H. Cole. The president of the club is A.C. Conner.

(Antony Anderson, Art and Artists, Los Angeles Times, March 25, 1906; 6,2,5)

Charter Members (11) –
Founders of the PC

(Minutes, March 17, 1906)
"New Members" (31) –
Listed in roster; unknown exactly when some joined, see notes
* – Some names in the roster are crossed out; does this indicate a resignation of membership at some point?

Name & Dates
PC Membership


Unknown He gave a talk at the PC’s 2nd anniversary smoker at the Majestic Hotel (Minutes), but it is unknown if he was a member (moved from N. Cal to S. Cal. in 1906);
later on was an Honorary Member of the CAC
Antony E.
1st Secretary & Treasurer (Minutes)
Listed at 212 Ave. 63 (Minutes)
Voted an Honorary Member
on Nov. 26, 1907 (Minutes)
Charles Percy


Elected prior to Feb. 4, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at 401 W. Ave. 5_? (Minutes)
Harry Lewis

Elected prior to Feb. 4, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at 1309 Constance St., 2416 W. 9 & 940 W. 6 (Minutes)
S.E. *

Joined at May 12, 1906 meeting (LAT, May 20, 1906)
Listed at 347 Center St., So. Pasadena (Minutes)

Elected September 7, 1909 (Minutes)
Listed at 320 Pas. Ave., So. Pasadena (Minutes)
John Matthew *

Elected July 7, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed in Monrovia, Cal. (Minutes)

Elected Dec., 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at 221 W. Third St. (Minutes)
Frederick Winslow

Elected prior to Nov. 1, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at Blanchard Hall (Minutes)
Carl Oscar
Listed at 315 So. Bunkerhill St. (Minutes)
Randal William *

Elected Sept. 1, 1906 (LAT Sept. 9, 1906)
Listed at 2nd and Grand, Minnewaska (Minutes)
Hobart Van Zandt *

– 1943)
Elected Sept. 1, 1906 (LAT Sept. 9, 1906)
Listed in Tempe, AZ (Minutes)
Burton Shepard

– 1962)
Elected July 7, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed in Monrovia, Cal. (Minutes)
Benjamin Chambers *

– 1942)
Elected October, 1906 (LAT Oct. 7, 1906)
Listed at 120 N. El Molino Ave., Pasadena (Minutes)
Henry William

– 1939)
Elected January 7, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at "Cor. 6th & Olive St.," also 621 N. Fennings St., Temple …(Minutes)

– 1938)
Elected Feb. 2, 1909 (Minutes/LAT, Feb. 14, 1909)
Listed in Santa Ana, also 1021 S. Grand (Minutes)
William Henry *
– 1955)
Listed at 1115 Magnolia Ave. (Minutes)
Albert Clinton ("Pops")

– 1929)

1st & only President (Minutes/LAT, Mar. 25, 1906)
Listed at 232 S. Griffin Ave., Manhattan Beach (Minutes)
Frank C.


Listed at 2669 N. Griffin Ave. (Minutes)
Valentine J. ("Val")

– 1937)
Elected prior to Feb. 4, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at 401 W. Ave. 52, also 929 W. 4th (Minutes)
William Swift


Listed at 2620 Manitou Ave. (Minutes)
Arthur Burnside

– 1952)
Elected July 6, 1909 (Minutes)
Listed c/o Times Art Dept. (Minutes)
[Art Editor for the L.A. Times]
David H.
2nd Secretary & Treasurer (Minutes)
Lived at 335 So. Broadway 702 S. Spring (Minutes)
Frank Elwin
Listed at 2250 Allesandra Ave., Station "M", Edendale (Minutes)
Eugene C.

– 1914)

Unknown He submitted work numerous times to become an member but was rejected, unknown
if he was ever accepted (Minutes); later was an Honorary Member of the
Guy Parker *

– 1936)
Joined presumably at meeting on Apr. 28, 1906 (LAT, Apr. 29, 1906)
Listed at 738 E. Walnut St., Pasadena (Minutes)
Joseph David *

– 1940)
Listed at Blanchard Hall. (Minutes)
Rev. Benjamin

Elected initially as an Associate prior to Dec. 1, 1908; elected to Active Member on March 2, 1909 (Minutes)
Listed at 1727 New Hampshire St. (Minutes)

Elected on December 1, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at the Jonathan Club.
Warren T. *

– 1910)
Elected October, 1906 (LAT, Oct. 7, 1906)
Listed at Blanchard Hall, also So. Lake Ave. (Minutes)
Died January 9, 1910 in Pasadena. He was 27 years old. (LAT, Feb. 1910)
Martin Jacob

– 1955)
Joined sometime in early April 1906. (LAT, Apr. 8, 1906)
Lived at 434 Copp Bldg. (Minutes)
3rd Secretary & Treasurer (Minutes)
Joined sometime in 1906, prior to 2nd Small Exh.
Frederic G. *

– 1953)
Listed at Blanchard Hall (Minutes)
Aaron Edward

– 1953)
Elected prior to Feb. 4, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at 1307 E. 28th St. (Minutes)
Frank Rennsselear
– 1923)
Lived at 127 Visse (?) St., Hollywood, also 1323 So. Burlington (Minutes)
William A.

– 1923)
Elected prior to Dec. 1, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at the Jonathan Club
Everett C.


Unknown He curated 2nd Annual Exhibition held at Blanchard’s, but unknown
if he was a member; later on he was an Honorary Member of the CAC
Frederick Roland

– 1935)
Elected January 5, 1909 (PC Minutes)
Listed at 2202 W. 25th St.
Charles Peter *

Listed at Blanchard Hall (Minutes)
John W. *

(1865 – 1943)
Elected October, 1906 (LAT Oct. 7, 1906)
Listed at 595 Summit Ave., Pasadena (Minutes)

Elected prior to Dec. 1, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed in Santa Monica. (Minutes)
Hanson Duvall
– 1972)
Lived at 401 W. Ave. 52 (Minutes)

– 1949)
Elected October 5, 1909 (Minutes)
Listed at 208 N. Spring St. (Minutes)
Charles Albert

– 1918)
Elected January 7, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at 445 S. Olive St. and another illegible address (Minutes)
Charles C. *

Elected prior to Nov. 27, 1907 (Minutes)
Youngest member of the PC
Listed at 966 Vermont Ave. (Minutes)
William Alexander

– 1944)
Elected July 6, 1909 (Minutes)
Listed at 114 N. Spring St. (Minutes)
Jack W. * (also John)

– 1949)
Elected April 7, 1908 (Minutes; LAT, May 10, 1908)
Listed at c/o Varney & Green, San Pedro (Minutes)
(listed often as "John Smith," it is most probably the same person. The original roster containing Jack Smith’s name appears to have been written originally as "John," and then overwritten as "Jack.")
CLAIR, Norman

– 1912)
Joined at June 2, 1906 meeting (LAT, June 3, 1906) Requested to resign Active
Membership, changed to Associate Member on October 28, 1909. Voted an Honorary Member October 5, 1909. (Minutes)
Listed at 214 E. Ave. 41 (Minutes)
Alson G.

Elected July 6, 1909 (Minutes)
Listed at 330 S. Bevay, L.A. (Minutes)
Rev. John William

Elected March, 1907 (LAT, Apr. 7, 1907)
& only Vice President; elected May 5, 1908 (Minutes)
Listed at 1308 E. 46th St. (Minutes)
Charles S. *

– 1937)
Joined at May 12, 1906 meeting (LAT, May 20, 1906)
Listed at 113 N. Hope St., 208 N. Grand Ave., and 220 N. Hancock St. (Minutes)
Jack (also Welles)

Elected April 6, 1909 (Minutes)
Listed as c/o L.A. Gas Co. (Minutes)

– 1946)
Elected Aug. 4, 1908 (Minutes/LAT, Aug. 9, 1908)
Listed at 2814 No. Sichel St. (Minutes)
George Thomas *
– 1953)
Lived at 410 1/2 Temple St. 1814 Oak St. (Minutes – name and address listed, but crossed out)

Membership card for the Painters' Club of Los Angeles Membership card of the Los Angeles Painters’ Club, designed by Martin J. Jackson. Courtesy Benida Solow.

Chronology of the Painters’ Club – 1906

March 10, 1906: "A number of the painters of Los Angeles met together for the purpose of starting a club." (PC Minutes)

March 17, 1906: "On the evening of March 17, eleven of those same men assembled again, at the studio of W. S. Daniell." (PC Minutes) This was the first meeting, and those eleven men were listed in the first roster as Charter Members. There are also thirty-one other men listed as "New Members" in the same roster, although it isn’t known when some joined.

March 31, 1906: The second regular meeting of the Painters’ Club was held at William Henry Cole’s house on Saturday, March 31. (PC Minutes) This meeting presumably included the addition of some New Members to the club, listed in the first roster as such (light blue above). [Minutes to this meeting are missing.]

April 14, 1906: "The next meeting of the Painters’ Club will be held at the studio of Carl Oscar Borg, on South Flower Street. The club has gained a new member, Martin J. Jackson."
(L. A. Times, Apr. 8, 1906; Apr. 22, 1906)

"The Painters’ Club is for men only. It may be that women painters will be admitted later on, but at present they are not eligible. Any man who paints may become a member by making his desire known to the club through some member, who will submit his name to be voted on. At each meeting, every member of the club brings some recent original sketch, study or picture, in oils or water colors, which must pass under the fire of the candid and unbiased, yet always friendly and good-natured, criticism of those present. So far, nobody’s feelings have been hurt, though all have been criticised unmercifully. The work brough in each week shows splendid results from this raking fire of criticism.
Further information regarding the Painters’ Club may be had from Antony E. Anderson, the secretary, at No. 413 Blanchard Hall."
(L. A. Times, Apr. 22, 1906)

April 28, 1906: The meeting on this date was held at the Art Students’ League. Guy P. Goodwin (of Pasadena) became a new member. (L. A. Times, Apr. 22, 1906; Apr. 29, 1906)

May 12, 1906: The meeting on this date was held at the studio of William Swift Daniell, 2620 Manitou Avenue. (L. A. Times, May 6, 1906)

June 2, 1906: The meeting on this date was held at the studio of Frank Liddell, No. 4665 Pasadena Avenue. Two more new members joined at the May 12 meeting, Charles A. Ward and S. E. Bierach. (L. A. Times, May 20, 1906)

June 9, 1906: The meeting on this date was again held at the studio of Frank Liddell. Norman St. Clair joined at the previous meeting. (L. A. Times, June 3, 1906; June 10, 1906)

July 7, 1906: The Painters’ Club decides to meet only once a month during the summer. The July meeting was held at the studio of Martin J. Jackson. The club decided to have an exhibition in October, and appointed a committee consisting of Daniell, Jackson and Bierach, to find a venue.
(L. A. Times, June 17, 1906; July 15, 1906)

August 4, 1906: The August meeting was held at the home studio of Hanson Puthuff, 401 North Avenue 53. Discussion of the exhibition in October. (L. A. Times, July 29, 1906; Aug. 12, 1906)

September 1, 1906: The September meeting was held at the Art Students’ League, and members desiring to exhibit in the fall were urged to attend. The first show was arranged for the first two weeks of November at the Blanchard Gallery. Each member will be allowed to exhibit 5 pictures. Hobart Bosworth and Randal W. Borough became new members. (L. A. Times, Aug. 26, 1906; Sept. 9, 1906)

October, 1906: New members: Warren T. Hedges, Benjamin Chambers Brown, and John W. Nicoll, all of Pasadena. (L. A. Times, Oct. 7, 1906)

November 17, 1906: The November meeting was held at the Art Students’ League, and members were requested to bring one or more framed pictures for the club’s inspection. "The small gallery in the art store of Ford, Smith, & Little Co., No. 313 Broadway, will hereafter be turned over to the club for its exclusive use. Their pictures will hang there the year for Angelenos – and outsiders, too – to see and to buy. These pictures will be changed from time to time (in all probability every two months), so there will be no dearth of new pictures from the facile brushes of our own home painters. Drawings in black and white will also be shown, and everything, it is promised, will be of the best." (L. A. Times, Nov. 11, 1906)

November 25, 1906: "The Painters’ Club has taken possession of its new permanent gallery at Ford Smith & Little’s, No. 313 Broadway. About thirty pictures are already hung. A complete list of new ones will be shown every month. There will be no admission fee, and the Los Angeles public is always cordially welcomed."
(L.A. Times, Nov. 25, 1906 6,2,5)

December 1-31, 1906: The December small exhibition, consisting of twenty-eight pictures by seventeen artists, is held at the new club gallery at Ford Smith & Little’s; the guestbook there showed that "hundreds and hundreds" of visitors came. Club membership now numbered about thirty male painters. There was no jury – the entire club passed judgement on whether or not a picture should be shown; but each artist ultimately determined what he wanted to exhibit.

"The exhibition, on the whole, is a very creditable one, and there can be no doubt, that our painters are growing technically stronger day by day. As for their equipment – where, indeed, should a man become an artist if not in Southern California?"
(L.A. Times, Dec. 2, 1906; Dec. 9, 1906; Jan. 6, 1907 6, 2, 3-5)

Small Exhibition at Ford Smith & Little’s                          
December 1 – 31, 1906                              Back to top

Antony E. Anderson [Unnamed artwork]
Charles P. Austin Resting
S. E. Bierach The Flirt – pastel
S. E. Bierach Going for the Mail – oil
Carl Oscar Borg In the Fog – watercolor
Benjamin Chambers Brown Venetian Canal – sunset sketch
A. C. Conner The Oaks […] A Gray Day
Frank Conner Afternoon in the Cañon
William Swift Daniell Autumn – watercolor
William Swift Daniell Capistrano – watercolor
David Dunn Twilight Hour – study from nature
David Dunn A Quiet Nook – study from nature
Frank Elwin Evans The Scissor’s Grinder – "a watercolor in delicate grays and browns"
Joseph Greenbaum Eucalypts – chalk drawing on brown paper
Joseph Greenbaum Eastlake Park – chalk drawing on brown paper
Martin J. Jackson Autumn in the Adirondacks
Frank R. Liddell Wood Interior
C. P. Neilson In Old Mexico – watercolor
C. P. Neilson Morning Near Monterey – watercolor
C. P. Neilson Hilltops in Spring – watercolor
John W. Nicoll Old Baldy in Winter
Hanson Puthuff Drizzle
Hanson Puthuff Oaks and Sycamores
Norman St. Clair Arroyo Seco – watercolor
The number of artwork is somewhat at odds: "Art Notes," (L.A. Times, Nov. 25, 1906), says that "about thirty pictures are already hung." Only twenty-three artworks are named in the next column, "The Painters’ Club," (L.A. Times, Dec. 2, 1906). Antony Anderson is listed in the former article as an exhibiting artist, but no works by him are ever named.

December 30, 1906: "The Painters’ Club met at the Art Students’ League last night, to review the pictures for their January exhibition. About twenty-five canvases will be hung."
(L.A. Times, Dec. 30, 1906)

Chronology of the Painters’ Club – 1907

January 1-31, 1907: The January small exhibition was composed of "…twenty oils and seven watercolors … fourteen of the club’s members are represented." The sign painted for exhibitions of the Painters’ Club was done by Val Costello. (L.A. Times, Jan. 6, 1907 6,2 3-5)

Small Exhibition at Ford Smith & Little’s                          
January 1 – 31, 1907                              Back to top

Antony E. Anderson A Man from Cuba – life size head
Antony E. Anderson Summertime – outdoor sketch of a seated girl in pink
Charles Percy Austin The Brick Kiln – opaque watercolor
Harry Lewis Bailey The Meadow – oil
Harry Lewis Bailey San Gabriel Chimes – watercolor (reprinted in L.A. Times, Jan. 20, 1907)
Harry Lewis Bailey Hotel Green, Pasadena – watercolor
Carl Oscar Borg Last Ray of the Sun
Hobart Bosworth Cottonwoods, Tempe
Hobart Bosworth Quatros Pecos, from Tempe
Albert Clinton Conner A Mountain Stream
Albert Clinton Conner Foggy Morning
Frank Conner The Brook
Frank Conner Afternoon in the Cañon
David Dunn Evening
Frank Elwin Evans Early Morning
Martin J. Jackson Cannas
Martin J. Jackson Autumn Moon – oil
Martin J. Jackson Haying Time – oil
Aaron E. Kilpatrick Among the Hills – "first canvas ever exhibited by this young artist"
Frank R. Liddell Sunset in the Arroyo
Frank R. Liddell Monterey
Frank R. Liddell A Gray Day
Hanson Puthuff Cloud Shadows – oil
Hanson Puthuff The New Garment – oil
Hanson Puthuff December Green – oil
Norman St. Clair The Yellow Sands
Norman St. Clair Windswept
Charles S. Ward The Gateway – "…painted on a ranch not far from L.A., it’s motif might have come from some quaint and ruined chateau in the south of France."

More artwork confusion: "About twenty-five canvases will be hung." ("Art Notes," L.A. Times, Dec. 30, 1906). "…twenty oils and seven watercolors … fourteen of the club’s members are represented." ("By the Painters’ Club," L.A. Times, Jan. 6, 1907 6,2 3-5). "There are twenty-nine pictures shown in the January exhibition of the Painters’ Club…" ("Art Notes," L.A. Times, Jan. 13, 1907). Twenty-eight works (above) are named in the Jan. 6, 1907 article, representing fifteen club members.

February 1-28, 1907: The February small exhibition was hung with "twenty-nine pictures this month, in oils, watercolors and pastels" by fifteen club members. Most of the pictures were landscapes – only two were figurative, and both of those were small, one by Anderson and the other by Austin.
(L.A. Times, Feb. 10, 1907; Feb.17, 1907)

Small Exhibition at Ford Smith & Little’s                          
February 1 – 28, 1907                              Back to top

Antony E. Anderson (one small figurative piece – L.A. Times, Feb. 10, 1907)
Charles Percy Austin Los Fueles – pastel
Charles Percy Austin Beach at Twilight – pastel
Harry Lewis Bailey Near Ocean Park -watercolor
Harry Lewis Bailey After the Rain – oil
Carl Oscar Borg Graveyard of Old Ships – oil
Carl Oscar Borg The Old Ranch – oil
Hobart Bosworth Quatros Pecos – oil
Albert Clinton Conner The Rustic Bridge
Albert Clinton Conner Oak-strewn Mountain Side
Frank Conner Iris, Colorado Desert – oil
Val Costello The Oak
William Swift Daniell Laguna – small watercolor
William Swift Daniell Long Beach – small watercolor
David Dunn The Wash Near San Gabriel – oil
David Dunn In the Santa Anita Wash – oil
Martin J. Jackson Sultry Morning
Martin J. Jackson Oreland Park
Aaron E. Kilpatrick Between Showers
Frank R. Liddell ("…two refined bits of color…") -watercolor
Frank R. Liddell Redwoods – oil
Hanson Puthuff Late Afternoon – oil
Hanson Puthuff Evening Glow – oil
Norman St. Clair Blazoned Cliffs – watercolor
Norman St. Clair

April – watercolor

Although the articles agree on the number of pictures in this exhibit (twenty-nine), only twenty-five are named in "The Painters’ Club" (L.A. Times, Feb. 17, 1907). Antony Anderson notes that he exhibits one small figurative piece in the Feb. 10, 1907, column, but neglects the title.

"Exhibitions This Week: Painters’ Club – Ford Smith’s"
Listed in L.A. Times, Feb. 24, 1907; March 3, 1907; "The only exhibition now open is that of the Painters’ Club at Ford Smith’s," March 10, 1907; March 17, 1907; March 24, 1907; March 31, 1907.

March 1-31, 1907: The March small exhibition (? – artists & artwork unknown) at Ford Smith & Little’s.

(Under "Exhibitions This Week," ["Art and Artists," L.A. Times], the weekly exhibition listing features "Painters’ Club – Ford Smith’s" regularly, but there is no mention of new work. It could be that the February exhibition was extended through the end of March. A previous note about the new exhibition space, in the L.A. Times, Nov. 11, 1906, says "These pictures will be changed from time to time (in all probability every two months)" – though that didn’t hold for the previous two exhibits of December 1906 and January 1907.)

March 30, 1907: "The Painters’ Club held its usual monthly meeting at the Art Students’ League on Saturday evening. The club’s April exhibition of pictures will open early this week."
(L.A. Times, March 31, 1907)

April 1-30, 1907: The April small exhibition at Ford Smith & Little’s, comprised of "twenty pictures in all" by ten members listed. (L.A. Times, April 7, 1907 6,2,3-4)

Small Exhibition at Ford Smith & Little’s                          
April 1 – 30, 1907                              Back to top

Charles Percy Austin ("… nude figure of a girl standing beside a huge Chinese lantern…")
Harry Bailey Path in the Woods – small watercolor
Harry Bailey Santa Monica Palisades – oil
Clinton Conner Lake Elsinore
Clinton Conner Study of Oaks
Val Costello The Sentinels
William Swift Daniell

The Oak – watercolor

William Swift Daniell Road to the Mountains – watercolor
David Dunn A Study of Trees
Aaron Kilpatrick The Witches
Hanson Puthuff The Hillside
Hanson Puthuff Stony Bed
J. W. Theiss Clifton-by-the-Sea – small watercolor
J. W. Theiss Study in Laurel Cañon – small watercolor
Charles Selbie A Garden"…the youngest member of the club…his tiny square of water color… has the decorative color harmony of a Japanese print ."
Charles Selbie The Trout Stream

In "Pictures by the Painters’ Club," (L.A. Times, Apr. 7, 1907), "twenty pictures in all" are in the April exhibition. That leaves four other works unnamed in the article. Only ten members are listed.

"Exhibitions This Week: Painters’ Club – Ford Smith’s"

Listed in L.A. Times, Apr. 14, 1907; Apr. 21, 1907; April 28, 1907; May 5, 1907; May 19, 1907. Since no small exhibition for May is listed, the April 1907 exhibition could have been extended through May.

May, 1907: "The Painters’ Club has adjourned its fortnightly meetings till the first week in September. On June 15 it will give a sort of "farewell performance" to members and friends, its stunt being in the shape of an impromtu exhibition and a garden party. The Painters’ Club has worked valiantly and well for the last year, and all its admirers – and they are almost countless – wish it a prosperous and happy vacation." (L.A. Times, May 26, 1907)

June 15, 1907: "The Painters’ Club will give a garden party to its members and friends on Saturday of this week. They will also hold an impromptu exhibition at the studio of William Swift Daniell, No. 2620 Manitou Avenue." (L.A. Times, June 9, 1907)

"An interesting feature of the very enjoyable garden party which the Painters’ Club gave to their friends on Saturday evening of last week, at the home of William Swift Daniell, one of the members of the club, was the impromptu exhibition of pictures held in Mr. Daniell’s studio. Good new things were shown by Charles Ward, Harry Bailey, William Swift Daniell, J. W. Theiss, Charles Selbie, Norman St. Clair, A. E. Kilpatrick, Hanson Puthuff and others, while a number of familiar canvases by the different members were also hung. The Painters’ Club will not meet again till the last week of September or the first week of October."

(L.A. Times, June 23, 1907)

September, 1907: "The next publication of the California State Library at Sacramento will give attention to art in California. The work of the Painters’ Club of Los Angeles will be written of at some length." (L.A. Times, Sept. 15, 1907)

November 20, 1907: "The Painters’ Club held its first meeting of the year on last Wednesday evening at the home studio of Albert Clinton Conner, No. 242 South Griffin Avenue. The club’s plans for the coming year were discussed." (L.A. Times, November 24, 1907)

November 26, 1907: Albert Clinton Conner re-elected President,
and David Dunn elected Secretary and Treasurer, replacing Antony Anderson, who was then
unanimously voted an Honorary Member. (PC Minutes) Two visiting artists were also present ("brothers of the brush").

"The Painters’ Club held a meeting at the studio of Martin J. Jackson, in the Copp building, on last Tuesday evening. On Wednesday afternoon all the members of the club started out together for a few hours of sketching in the neighborhood of Sycamore Grove. No doubt they have some very good "bits" to show for their afternoon’s pleasant outing." (L.A. Times, Dec. 1, 1907)

December 2, 1907: Ten members of the club and one visiting "brother of the brush" met at Jackson’s studio. (PC Minutes)

"The Painters’ Club held an enthusiastic meeting, the first of the year, at the studio of Martin J. Jackson, on Tuesday evening (this would be Dec. 3rd, the PC Minutes say Dec. 2) of last week. Albert Clinton Conner was reelected president, and David Dunn was made secretary and treasurer. Three new applicants for [illegible] presented their names, which will be voted on at the next meeting of the club."
(L.A. Times, Dec. 8, 1907)

December 17, 1907: A special meeting was called for the purpose of examining the work of three (unknown) new applicants for membership. (PC Minutes)

Chronology of the Painters’ Club – 1908

January 7, 1908: Seven members present for the meeting as well as one visiting artist, Mr. Scott from New Zealand. C. A. Rogers and H. W. Cannon elected to membership. (Minutes)

"The ever busy Painters’ Club held a meeting at their rooms in the Copp building on last Tuesday evening. Each member of the club brought a new painting or sketch for discussion and criticism." (L.A. Times, January 12, 1908)

February 4, 1908: "Good attendance" at this meeting, including one visitor, a Mr. J. J. (J. K.?) Ray. There appear to be 29 members of the Painters’ Club by this date, judging from a list that seems to be a checklist of dues paid. Four members are crossed out on this list (given up membership?) – Joseph Greenbaum, R. W. Borough, C. P. Neilson, and F. J. Johnson. (Minutes)

"The Painters’ Club will meet next Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock at No. 434 Copp building. Every member is expected to bring a new sketch for criticism."
(L.A. Times, Feb. 2, 1908, VI2)

March 1, 1908: "The Painters’ Club will celebrate its second anniversary by a smoker on next Tuesday evening, to be given in the ballroom of the Majestic Hotel, Hope and First Streets. The smoker will be followed by a luncheon."
(L.A. Times, March 1, 1908, VI2)

March 3, 1908: The Painters’ Club held a celebration smoker at
the Majestic Hotel in honor of their Second Anniversary. Hector Alliot gave a talk on the study of color, and the proprietor of the Hotel, Mr. Holmes, gave a short presentation and played the piano prior to supper. (PC Minutes)

"The Painters’ Club had an enjoyable reunion last Tuesday at the Hotel Majestic. It began with a … [illegible] … and ended with a luncheon of … [illegible] … and cakes, punch and … [illegible] … members told a … [illegible] …rose to express …[illegible] … and Mr. Holmes, p… [illegible] …tel, gave a most dra… [illegible] …"Eugene Aram’s D… [illegible] …sion was the second … [illegible] … of the club’s existence."
(L.A. Times, March 8, 1908, VI2)

April 7, 1908: Val Costello proposed John Smith (Jack W. Smith) as a new member; his work was reviewed and he was accepted. Martin Jackson proposed a sketching trip on Tuesday April 14th – members meeting at the Car Station on West 4th St. at 12 noon. (Minutes)

"On the evening of Tuesday next the Painters’ Club will meet at the studio of Martin Jackson, No. 434 Copp building at 8 o’clock. All members are requested to bring new sketches for criticism by the club." (L.A. Times, April 5, 1908, VI2)

May 3, 1908: "The Painters’ Club will meet Tuesday evening, May 5, at 8 o’clock at No. 434 Copp building. All members are requested to bring their sketches for the usual criticism."
(L.A. Times, May 3, 1908, VI2)

May 5, 1908: Rev. John William Theiss unanimously voted (first) Vice President. Another visitor, Mr. Everetts (?), was present. (PC Minutes)

"At the meeting of the Painters’ Club last week, J. W. Theiss was elected vice-president. John Smith, a painter and illustrator, was made a member of the club. (Theiss was elected at this time; but it was actually a month prior at the April 7th meeting that John/Jack W. Smith was elected).
It was also decided that during the first two weeks of October the club would hold an exhibition of paintings and sketches in the Blanchard gallery, every member to contribute five paintings and a number of sketches. As the membership is now twenty, the exhibition promises to be a full and most interesting one."

(L.A. Times, May 10, 1908, VI2)

June 2, 1908: A previous proposition by Warren Hedges was discussed by the members and accepted – that the Painters’ Club could meet at the Art Students League (in Blanchard Hall) on the first Tuesday of each month until September, at which time the Painters’ Club would pay rent. Three visitors were present: Mr. Spencer, Mr. Victor Coules and a third unnamed. (Minutes)

June 16, 1908: "The Painters’ Club gave their president, Albert Clinton Conner, a pleasant "surprise" last Tuesday evening. Little talks on art, by different members of the club, were part of the cheerful convivialities of the occassion." (L.A. Times, June 21, 1908, III4)

July 7, 1908: The idea of a membership card was brought up, and a design was submitted by Martin J. Jackson. This was later approved. Three new applicants for membership were present – J. M. Black and Burton Boundey were accepted, while Mr. Spencer’s application was deferred pending further examination. (Minutes)

Membership card for the Painters' Club of Los Angeles Membership card of the Los Angeles Painters’ Club, designed by Martin J. Jackson. Courtesy Benida Solow.

July 21, 1908: "The Painters’ Club, that thriving organization of earnest workers, held a special meeting on last Tuesday evening at the Art Students’ League, for the purpose of discussing their forthcoming exhibition, which will be held at the Blanchard gallery in September or October. J. M. Black and Burton Boundey, both of Monrovia, were made members of the club at the last meeting."
(L.A. Times, July 26, 1908, III2)

August 4, 1908: 15 x 20 cards were distributed among the members for posters to be used as announcements for the upcoming exhibition. Warren Hedges and David Dunn were appointed as a committee to be in charge of refreshments, music, etc. at the exhibition. (Minutes)

"At the meeting of the Painters’ Club last Tuesday evening William Wendt was made a member. In two weeks the club will have another special meeting for the consideration of the coming exhibition, which will be held early in October." (L.A. Times, August 9, 1908, III2)

August 18, 1908: "At the last meeting of the Painters’ Club, held on Tuesday at the Art Students’ League, the various members submitted original posters, which are to be used as announcements of the coming exhibition, which is to be held early in October. The posters are to be distributed all over the city."
(L.A. Times, August 23, 1908, III2)

August 24, 1908: "The members of the Painters’ Club were entertained last Monday evening by William Wendt and Julia Bracken Wendt, at the Sichel Street studios of these artists. New pictures by Mr. Wendt and recent bits of modeling by Mrs. Wendt were the attractions of the evening, though the members of the club were also regaled on a delightful Bohemian lunch. The club’s regular meeting will be held next Tuesday evening at the Art Students’ League."
(L.A. Times, August 30, 1908, III2)

September 1, 1908: Hanging committee elected: W. Wendt, C. A. Rogers, F. R. Liddell, M. J. Jackson. Press Committee elected: D. Dunn, M. J. Jackson. F. E. Evans was chosen as curator for the full course of the exhibit at a rate of $2/day and 10% commission on all sales. (Minutes)

"The members of the Painters’ Club, who met last Tuesday at the Art Students’ League, have prepared some very strong and original posters for their coming exhibition, which will open in Blanchard Hall on October 8 and continue for two weeks. The event will be one of the notable ones of the year."
(L.A. Times, September 6, 1908, III2)

September 20, 1908: "The exhibition of the Painters’ Club will open at Blanchard Hall on the evening of October 7, with a private view by special invitation. On this occasion refreshments will be served to the guests by a reception committee of ladies. The following hanging committee was elected last Tuesday evening: William Wendt, C. E. Rogers, Frank R. Liddell, Martin J. Jackson. Press Committee: David Dunn, Martin J. Jackson. Striking posters, designed and painted by the members of the club, are now being shown in shop windows all over Los Angeles."
(L.A. Times, September 20, 1908, III2)

September 27, 1908: "The first annual exhibition of the Painters’ Club will open at the Blanchard Hall gallery on the evening of October 7, with a reception to friends of the artists. The public will be admitted on the following forenoon, free of charge, and for the two weeks that follow this date. A strong exhibition is looked for, as the club is composed of earnest workers."
(L.A. Times, September 27, 1908, III2)

September 29, 1908: Special meeting to receive the pictures and sketches in black and white for the exhibition. M. J. Jackson appointed to produce a typewritten catalogue for the black and white work, and F. R. Liddell was given the task of putting a writeup in West Coast magazine. (Minutes)

October 4 , 1908: "The Painters’ Club, whose exhibition will open next Wednesday evening, will hold an auction of the posters made for the exhibition, at the conclusion of the two weeks of the show. The funds will be used for a ‘Bohemian supper.’ "
(L.A. Times, October 4, 1908, III2)

October 6, 1908: Eugene C. Franks applied for membership with three examples of his work; his application was deferred until the Club could view more of his recent work. (Minutes)

October 7 – 22, 1908: The First Annual Exhibition was held
at the Blanchard Art Gallery with a private opening reception on the evening of October
7. Some pieces were sold; a charcoal sketch by Burton Boundey and two of Harry
Bailey’s pictures. The twenty-five posters announcing the exhibit were sold by auction on the 22nd by Mr. Wm. A. Matern. (Minutes; L.A. Times, Oct. 25, 1907)
(Full coverage of the exhibit – L.A. Times, October 11, 1908, III2, and October 18, 1908, III2)

1st Annual Exhibition of the Painters’ Club                         
October 7 – 22, 1908                             Back to top

Charles Percy Austin ("…delicate pastels … charcoal drawings…" -would seem to indicate at least 4 works)
Harry L. Bailey The Workers – (depicting horses) Sold (Minutes/LAT, Nov. 8, 1908)
Harry L. Bailey landscape Sold (LAT, Nov. 8, 1908)
Harry L. Bailey studies of horses; oils and watercolors
J. M. Black "small canvases"
Carl Oscar Borg Seal Hunters, Island of Santa Cruz
Burton S. Boundey

Charcoal sketch – Sold (Minutes)

Burton S. Boundey (plus others? "small canvases")
Albert Clinton Conner Midwinter in the San Gabriel Valley
Albert Clinton Conner Across the Channel – marine
Frank Conner Little Santa Anita Cañon
David Dunn A Rocky Point
David Dunn On Laguna Coast
David Dunn Showery at Rubio
Frank Elwyn Evans The Call of the Brook
Frank Elwyn Evans In the Gloaming
Martin J. Jackson ("…Chinatown studies, all made in Los Angeles…)
A.E. Kilpatrick Montecito Valley
A.E. Kilpatrick Oat Mountain
A.E. Kilpatrick Miramar
A.E. Kilpatrick Montecito Hills
A.E. Kilpatrick (others canvases?)
Frank R. Liddell watercolors
Hanson Puthuff Portrait Study of Miss S.
Hanson Puthuff Summer Morning
Hanson Puthuff Near San Isidro
Charles A. Rogers ("…scenes among the picturesque purlieus of Chinatown, both here and in San Francisco before the fire…")
Charles A. Rogers ("…drawing of buildings…his studies among the ruins of San Francisco…"
Norman St. Clair ("…yet a poet…his execution is brilliantly sure.")
J.W. Theiss Secret of the Forest (1 of 6 watercolors exhibited)
William Wendt Among the Hills
William Wendt Sunlight and Shadow
William Wendt Givithian
Eighty-eight pictures were shown (source?) by seventeen members listed; the rest of the work in the exhibition is unnamed in the article. (L.A. Times, Oct. 18, 1907)

October 13, 1908: A special meeting was held to discuss the future year for the Club. The main topic was the "amendments of adjustment in the constitution and by-laws of the Club;" a committee was appointed to look into it: W. Wendt, A. C. Conner, C. A. Rogers, and F. R. Liddell. (Minutes)

October 25, 1908: "The twenty-five posters which the Painters’ Club has been showing in different parts of the city, were sold at auction from the gallery at Blanchard Hall last Wednesday."
(L.A. Times, October 25, 1908, III2)

November 3, 1908: "The Painters’ Club will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday evening at 3 o’clock at the Art Students’ League." (L.A. Times, November 1, 1908, III2)

November 10, 1908: The members and friends of the Club met at Campi’s Cafe and "enjoyed a delightful banquet to the celebrate the first annual exhibition." After the cafe, everyone went to Chinatown, "there viewing many of the picturesque alleys, nooks and corners of that city of celestials by night." (Minutes)

December 1, 1908: A. C. Conner unanimously re-elected President, and Rev. Theiss re-elected
Vice President. D. Dunn resigned as Secretary/Treasurer, and Martin Jackson
was elected to Dunn’s post. Charles Gaskill proposed for membership by W. Matern; accepted as an Associate. (PC Minutes)

December 8, 1908: "The Painters’ Club held an election last Tuesday evening: Albert Clinton Conner still holds the presidency by a unanimous vote; Martin J. Jackson was made secretary and treasurer. Last night the club tendered Mr. and Mrs. William Wendt a surprise party at the Sichel-street studio of the wedded artists." (L.A. Times, December 13,1908, III2)

Chronology of the Painters’ Club – 1909

January 5, 1909: Pres. Conner proposed F. R. Miner for Associate Member; unanimously accepted. Also present werer Associate Members Matern, Rev. Hartley, Haskell and Blair. H. W. Cannon brought a visitor, Mr. Brightman. Mr. Proctor submitted two oil sketches and Rev. Hartley submitted three oil sketches for Active Member consideration; both were rejected. (Minutes)

February 2, 1909: W. Matern donated an electric bulb and shade to the Club; it was motioned, seconded and unanimously carried to send him a thank you letter. The Secretary suggested that the Club present Mr. Matern with an illuminated testimonial – Martin Jackson to donate the work, and other members to contribute to the frame and materials. F. C. Coburn was proposed by Rogers for Active Membership; two oil sketches were enough to secure his acceptance. Associates Hartley and Proctor also present. The following members brought sketches for criticism: Theiss, Rogers, Kilpatrick, Black, Boundey, F. Conner, Austin, Dunn, Puthuff, Hedges and Jackson. Cannon, Costello and A. C. Conner failed to present a sketch. F. R. Miner also present at the meeting. (Minutes)

"At the last meeting of the Painters’ Club, F. C. Coburn was elected an active member. C. A Rogers and Martin J. Jackson were appointed a committee to find a suitable gallery for the spring exhibition of the club, to be held in May. The Ruskin Art Club sent complimentary membership cards to the members of the Painters. The next meeting, to be held on the evening of March 2, will be at the Majestic Hotel."
(L.A. Times, February 14, 1909, III2)

March 2, 1909: W. Matern is presented with a framed illuminated testimonial by C. A. Rogers. Associate Rev. Hartley presented two oils accompanied by the customary $3.00 fee for consideration as an Active Member; he was elected. (Minutes)

"At last Tuesday’s meeting of the Painters’ Club, which was held at Hotel Majestic, it was decided that a special exhibition of the club’s recent work will be held on March 22, for a week or longer, in the exhibition basement of the Hamburger department building, in conjunction with a spring showing held by Hamburger Bros. At least one hundred pictures in oils and water colors will be exhibited by the club."
(L.A. Times, March 7, 1909, III2)

March 14, 1909: "Beginning March 22, the Painters’ Club will hold their spring exhibition in the lower exhibition rooms of the Hamburger department store. About 100 pictures will be shown, with every member of the club represented." (L.A. Times, March 14, 1909, III2)

March 21, 1909: "The second exhibition of the work of the Painters’ Club, which opens tomorrow at Hamburger’s, will without a doubt create a great deal of interest. A well lighted corner of the lower floor of the Hamburger building has been assigned to the club, each of whose members will be allowed space for at least five pictures." (L.A. Times, March 21, 1909, III2)

March 28, 1909: "The exhibition of paintings by the Painters’ Club did not open last Monday at Hamburger’s, as announced. The exact date has not yet been decided upon, nor the place where the show will be held. On April 6 the club will hold a meeting for the purpose of voting on both those questions."
(L.A. Times, March 28, 1909)

April 6, 1909: W. Wendt proposed Mr. J. Wells for Associate Membership, he was accepted. Rogers and Puthuff were appointed a committee to try and procure a gallery for postponed exhibition, which was moved to November. (Minutes)

"The Painters’ Club will meet on Tuesday evening at Hotel Majestic for the purpose of discussing the exhibition which the club intends to holds this spring."
(L.A. Times, April 4, 1909, III2)

May 4, 1909: Rogers reports he was able to get the Blanchard Gallery for the last two weeks of November for the Autumn Exhibition. Mr. Blanchard also invites the Club to meet in his Gallery, and they accept. Hartley donated an easel to Club for displaying sketches. A motion was made that "each member be permitted to bring as many sketches as he sees fit at our next meeting and that an impromptu exhibition be held." (Minutes)

May 30, 1909: "The Painters’ Club has decided to postpone its second annual exhibition till fall; many of its members not feeling quite ready for a proper representation this spring."
(L.A. Times, May 30, 1909, III2)

May 1909: A spring exhibition was to be held at The Blanchard
Art Gallery, then the location was changed to the Hamburger Store. The
exhibition was later cancelled. (PC Minutes)

June 15, 1909: "The members of the Painters’ Club will meet at the studio of Hanson Puthuff, No. 401 West Avenue 53, next Tuesday evening for "a general good time." A "Dutch lunch" will be served."
(L.A. Times, June 13, 1909, III15)

July 6, 1909: Jackson proposed Mr. A. B. Dodge for Active Membership and submitted one oil and one watercolor. He was elected unanimously. Bailey proposed Mr. W. A. Sharp for Active Membership, who was also elected based on two watercolors. Mr. Alson G. Stone (?) was proposed by F. Miner for Associate Member, and he was accepted. A Reception Committee is created to "endeavor to meet visiting artists in our city, inviting them to spend an evening socially with our Club." (Minutes)

August 3, 1909: C. A. Rogers read the following amendment to Article VIII of the By-Laws: "Associate Members will be permitted to bring one sketch for criticism, but shall not be entitled to vote or criticise the work submitted by the members or have a voice in the meetings of the Club." The idea of purchasing a lot and building a permanent home for the Club was discussed, but went nowhere. (Minutes)

September 7, 1909: Franz Bischoff is proposed for Active Membership by W. Wendt and accepted. Discussion of topics relating to the upcoming Second Annual Exhibition – pencil sketches for catalogue cover designs; posters 14 x 20 to advertise – each member had to submit a poster or risk a fine of $1. (Minutes)

September 14, 1909: "The annual exhibition of the Painters’ Club will be held at the Blanchard gallery during the first two weeks of November. At last Tuesday’s meeting the club discussed the advisability of securing a permanent clubhouse. Designs for the cover of the catalogue of the coming exhibition will be submitted at the October meeting, and the design adjudged the best will be chosen. A certificate of merit will be made out to the painter of the best picture shown in the next exhibition." (L.A. Times, September 19, 1909, III15)

October 5, 1909: Arion Putnam was proposed for Active Membership by C. P. Austin with two sketches; he was elected. Mr. Proctor submitted three sketches for Active Membership but was again rejected. Norman St. Clair is unanimously voted an Honorary Member. (Minutes)

"The Painters’ Club will hold a special meeting at the studio of Charles Rogers on the evening of Tuesday, October 19." (L.A. Times, April 17, 1909, III10)

October 19, 1909: Sharp, Evans and Jackson submitted designs for the catalogue cover – Sharp’s design was selected, and he suggested paper colors. Jackson submitted a sample of the invitation cards and envelopes – 600 were printed, 400 of which would be mailed using 2 cent stamps. Mr. Everett C. Maxwell, who is "furnished gratuitously by Mr. Blanchard," was to serve as Curator. (Minutes)

"At the last meeting of the Painters’ Club, held at the studio of Charles Rogers, Walker building, last Tuesday evening, thirty posters for the coming fall exhibit of the club were shown. These beautiful posters will be distributed over the city. After the exhibition, which will be held during the first two weeks in November, the posters will be sold at auction at the Blanchard gallery."
(L.A. Times, October 24, 1909, III10)

October 28, 1909: A special meeting to which all members must deliver their painting titles for the exhibition. Moved and seconded to have the elevator run on opening night. Norman St. Clair resigns Active Membership, but the Club wanted him to continue as Associate. Members are permitted to sell photographs of their paintings at the exhibition if they want. (Minutes)

October 31, 1909: "The second annual exhibition of paintings by the Los Angeles Painters’ Club opens in the Blanchard gallery tomorrow evening with a private view from 8 to 10. The gallery will open to the general public on Tuesday, November 2, till the thirteenth of the month. The posters for the exhibition, which are now being shown in various parts of the city will not be sold at auction as previously reported, but will remain the property of their respective designers." (L.A. Times, October 31, 1909, III4)

November 1-13, 1909: The Second Annual Exhibition was held at
the Blanchard Art Gallery, opening with a private viewing on November 1 from 8:00-10:00 p.m., and then to the public on Tuesday, November 2. It included "…almost 100 pictures in oil and watercolor, the work of 20 painters." The work included was not juried, as members could select whatever they wanted to exhibit.
(Full coverage of the exhibit: L.A. Times, Nov. 7, 1909, III2 and Nov. 14, 1909, III15)
[An alphabetized catalogue (whereabouts unknown) was also printed; William Alexander Sharp’s design was chosen for the cover.]

2nd Annual Exhibition of the Painters’ Club                         
November 1 – 13, 1909                             Back to top

Charles Percy Austin

The Stray Lock – study of a boy’s head, small canvas

Charles Percy Austin Avalon – small canvas
Charles Percy Austin Pebbly Beach, Catalina – small canvas
Franz A. Bischoff Tide Coming In -marine
Franz A. Bischoff Evening Glow – marine
Franz A. Bischoff On the Bank of the Arroyo – landscape
Franz A. Bischoff (A large painting of roses, unnamed)
Franz A. Bischoff (Another unnamed landscape)
Carl Oscar Borg La Puerta de Santa ClaraReceived the diploma/perchment [sic] certificate and blue ribbon for Best Picture in the exhibition*
Carl Oscar Borg On the Chapel Steps
Carl Oscar Borg La Plaza de Antigua
Carl Oscar Borg (Plus one more unnamed; all 4 sketches from Guatemala)
Harry Lewis Bailey Noon Hour
Harry Lewis Bailey Stableward
Harry Lewis Bailey A Little Beggar – study of a white dog
Harry Lewis Bailey (3 above plus 3 more; "…6 studies of horses and dogs, in oils and water colors…")
Frank Coburn Lights of Hope – YMCA building, lit up at night
Frank Coburn Fishermen’s Hats
Frank Coburn San Pedro
Frank Coburn Summer Clouds
Frank Coburn (Plus one other unnamed work)
Albert Clinton Conner The Mesa Meadow – oil
Albert Clinton Conner Along the Beach – oil
Val Costello "3 well studied [canvases] from nature"
Arthur B. Dodge Cabin in Arroyo Seco – oil
Arthur B. Dodge Campers Returning from San Clemente – large watercolor
(Campers is reprinted in the L.A. Times article, Nov. 7, 1909)
Arthur B. Dodge (Plus more watercolors, unknown titles or how many more)
David Dunn In Santa Anita Cañon
David Dunn [plus three other canvases]
Frank Elwin Evans A Glimpse Through the Trees
Frank Elwin Evans including two others, unnamed
Benjamin Hartley A Quiet Morning at Cavalia
Benjamin Hartley Sunset During the Harmattan Winds
Benjamin Hartley Moonlight on the Cavallia River
Martin J. Jackson A Calm Afternoon, Point Fermin
Martin J. Jackson Glow of the Westering Sun
Martin J. Jackson Brown Maples
Martin J. Jackson Once Upon a Time – …a little girl seated on a lounge reading a book…
Aaron E. Kilpatrick April Day
Aaron E. Kilpatrick The Old Oak
Aaron E. Kilpatrick [plus 3 more landscapes]
Frank R. Liddell Gray Day, Wilmington
Frank R. Liddell Mayberry Cañon
Hanson Puthuff Oaks and PoppiesReceived the red ribbon for Best Landscape in the exhibition*
Hanson Puthuff Declining Day in the Arroyo
Hanson Puthuff Hill Pasture
Arion Putnam Pima Indian Basket Weaver Received the white ribbon for Best Figure painting in the exhibition*
Charles A. Rogers "…an interesting series of Chinatown studies…"
Charles A. Rogers The Pool – sunset
Charles A. Rogers Sunset – watercolor
W. A. Sharp Lily Pond, Florida – watercolor
W. A. Sharp Twilight, Florida Beach – watercolor
W. A. Sharp On the East Coast, Florida – watercolor
W. A. Sharp Sketch at Daytona, Florida – watercolor
J. W. Theiss "…water color studies of various aspects of Yosemite Valley…"
William Wendt Field Aglow
William Wendt Sycamores
William Wendt The Oaks

"The Painters’ Club gave a perchment [sic] certificate and a blue ribbon to the painter of the "best" picture exhibited at its second annual exhibition; a red ribbon to the painter of the "best" landscape; a white ribbon to the painter of the "best" figure painting. These presentations are contrary to the spirit and genius of the club, and should not have been made – more especially as the diploma of honor was given by Martin J. Jackson, who is himself as member of the club. Has the Painters’ Club become a mutual admiration society?…William Wendt was out of the running, because, forsooth! he had already won honors elsewhere."

   ~ Antony Anderson, (L.A. Times, Nov. 7, 1909 3, 12, 1-2)

[Another exhibition followed just after the Second Annual Exhibition of the Painters’ Club, also at the Blanchard Hall. Referred to only as "…the second annual exhibition of works by representational oil painters of Southern California…," it ran from Nov. 16 to Dec. 4, 1909 and "…only 15 painters in oils have contributed to this exhibition…thirty-six canvases are hung on the walls…"
Six of the participants in this other exhibit were also members of the Painters’ Club, though only 4 of them contributed work to both exhibits (Bischoff, Borg, Puthuff and Wendt). (L.A. Times, Nov. 21, 1909, III15)

Also, at least one woman, Helma Heynsen Jahn, was a part of this other exhibit. See A. Anderson’s comment on women artists in his Art and Artists cloumn, Dec. 12, 1909, III17, and the Open Letter responses to it printed Jan. and Feb. 1910 by J. B. Wendt and L. Pinkham. Since the Painters’ Club did not allow women to participate, this could have been part of the reason why that club’s sun was setting. -Ed.]

December 12, 1909: The Painters’ Club is disbanded. In the next paragraph of the same article, Antony Anderson reveals that there will be a successor: "to be called the California Art Club."
(L.A. Times
Dec. 12, 1909, III17)

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