Renato Contini
(d. July 31, 1985)

Renato Contini served as First Vice President and Program Chairman of the CAC before being elected President for the 1985-86 year. Unfortunately, he passed away July 31, 1985, only a month after being installed in the new office. Carol Rensen became succeeded him in August 1985 following his passing. Contini was a student of CAC members Jake Lee and Hal Reed.

CAC Bulletins – June 1985, Sept. 1985; Who’s Who in the California Art Club, Inc.- Roster and By-Laws, 1984, 75th Anniversary Edition

AM Society of Mechanical Engineers (Fellow, 1975)
California Art Club (President, July 1985; First Vice President 1981-84; Program Chairman 1985)
Hancock Park Art Council (President, 1975-77)
Human Factors Society (President, 1958-59)
National Academy of Medicine (Associate Fellow)
National Honorary Engineering Society, 1959
National Honorary Scientific Society, 1950
New York Academy of Sciences, 1947