The following criteria are a guideline only, for selecting artists who are worthy of being elected
into Signature Artist membership. Most artists will not meet every single criteria, but should
meet a majority of them.

  1. The artist has been a juried Artist Member of the California Art Club for at least two
  2. The artist maintains an art philosophy in keeping with the CAC Mission Statement:
    The California Art Club’s primary purposes are to promote the fine arts in the fields
    of painting, drawing and sculpture referred to as traditional and representational
    art, with a special emphasis placed on the academic traditions and craftsmanship
    established by the Club’s founders, to produce and promote art exhibits that foster
    understanding and interpretation of the traditional art heritage, and to furnish
    educational opportunities in the fine arts.
  3. The artist’s work is consistently at an exceptionally high skill level.
  4. The artist shows support for the California Art Club by volunteering his/her time,
    attending paint-outs and other programs, and is a good “ambassador” of the Club.
  5. The artist works as a full-time professional fine artist.
  6. The artist shows in prestigious galleries, including in solo exhibitions.
  7. The artist has been accepted in major art competitions and exhibitions including
    recognized museum exhibitions.
  8. The artist has been featured in national or international fine art publications.
  9. The artist currently holds (or has ever held) a position as an art instructor in a recognized
    art institution.
  10. The artist is an asset to the California Art Club.