As part of our ArtNight festivities, we invite artists of all ages and skill levels to “paint-along” with CAC artists Christopher Burgan, Jennifer Burgan and Christopher Cook. We also have coloring pages related to space exploration that may be downloaded and decorated by budding artists

‘Paint-Along’ Images

Below are thumbnails of Mars imagery that CAC artists will be using as their inspiration for their ArtNight demonstrations. Click on the image to download an image for your reference.

  • Mars Perseverance Rover Helicopter

  • Mars Perseverance Rover Helicopter – Line Drawing

  • Mars Blue Sunset with Astronaut

  • Mars Blue Sunset with Astronaut – Line Art

Coloring Pages of Space Exploration

Below are coloring pages, including some from NASA, which highlight space exploration and may be downloaded for decorating.

  • NASA Logo

  • Mars

  • Mars Helicopter

  • Perseverence

  • Perseverence / Ingenuity

  • Mars Rocket

  • Mars Rocket – Line Drawing

  • Reflecting Perseverance on Mars

  • Reflecting Perseverance on Mars – Line Art

  • Spacewalk Above Mars

  • Spacewalk Above Mars – Line Art

Additional Links on Mars and Space Exploration

For those inspired to learn more about Mars and space exploration, here are a few links for more information.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mars Exploration Program

NASA’s Exoplanet Exploration

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