CAC Chapters

The CAC is headquartered in the Pasadena/Los Angeles area with membership chapters throughout California. Click links at left for info on individual chapters.

Each CAC Chapter holds paint-outs, meetings, and more for members in their area and would love to have you join them! Quarterly State-wide Paint-Outs are held four times a year simultaneously by each of the chapters; individual chapters also host their own paint-outs, lectures, and demos.

San Francisco Chapter Paint-Out

See a list of all paint-outs here.

Organizing a CAC Chapter

If the current Chapters are too far away, and you would like to volunteer your time in organizing a Chapter in your area (all of our Chapters are volunteer-based), here is what you can do to get started:

  • Get local fellow artists together to find out if there is enough interest in having a Chapter in your area.
  • Find a local meeting place (someone‚Äôs home or art gallery).
  • Contact the CAC with your interest to create a local Chapter or CAC paint-out activity, and about collaborating and organizing activities.
  • The CAC will provide you with a local membership roster and help you get the word out to fellow members.

The CAC Main Office can be reached at or 626/583-9009.

An artist working during a San Francisco Chapter Paint-Out

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