(Second?) Building-Fund Exhibition (1922)

c. December 28, 1922 – January 1, 1923

at the
CAC Gallery
1027 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, California


with a benefit concert held Friday, January 26, 1923 at the Philharmonic Auditorium
Featuring Mrs. Sloane-Orcutt and Mr. L. E. Behymer
All ticket sales go to the building fund

"Fifty of the best [artists] have contributed canvases for a sale…[with the goal to support] a $150,000 art gallery. Each canvas is by a member of the California Art Club…the whole of the purchase price goes to the building fund." (S. Fred Hogue, Painters Seek Palace of Art, L. A. Times, December 28, 1922, p. I17)

Exhibiting Artist
Work(s) Exhibited
ALVAREZ, Mabel "Still life"
BALFOUR, Helen  
BARTLETT, Dana "A Summer’s Day"
BISCHOFF, Franz "Jewel Rock, Laguna"
BORG, Carl Oscar "Shipaolovi" – small gouache of an Indian village
BUFF, Conrad "Grey Day"
CLARK, Alson "The Surf, La Jolla"
COSTELLO, Val "2 or three figures" in pastel
CUPRIEN, Frank "Evening" – a small study of the sea
DANDO, Susie M. B. watercolor study of nasturtiums
DeKRUIF, Henri "Receding Clouds" – small watercolor
DeKRUIF, Henri "Gray Day by the Beach"small watercolor
EDWARDS, Howard Arden "Wild Weather" – a storm scene study
EVERETT, Mary "a canvas of Capistrano…"
FRANCISCO, J. Bond "California lowlands with… flowers…marshes…and eucalypti"
FROST, John "A Beach Scene" (Venice, CA?)
GARNSEY, E. E. "The Desert’s Rim"
GLEASON, J. Duncan  
HAZEN, Bessie  
HINKLE, Clarence "Sunlight and Shadow"
JUDSON, William Lees "California lowlands with… flowers…marshes…and eucalypti"
KENDALL, Marie  
LEIGHTON, Kathryn "High Sierras"
MANNHEIM, Jean "A Gray Morning" – seascape
MEADOWS, Dell "The Wood’s Templed Hills"
MINER, Frederick R.  
MODRA, Theodore  
MURPHY, Marjorie "Girl in Yellow"
NEUMANN, Wanda S.  
PUTHUFF, Hanson "Alum Rock Hills"
RICH, John "Across the Room"
RICH, John "The Open Door "
RITSCHEL, William "At the Edge of the Lagoon"
ROSE, Guy "The Fog"
SHRADER, Roscoe "Winter" – a small study possibly back east
SMITH, Ernest Browning "The Cove" (of Catalina)
SMITH, F. Clark (Carl?)  
SMITH, Jack Wilkinson "Spring Valley," plus a seascape
VYSEKAL, Edouard portrait study of an old person with a red shawl
WHITE, Orrin "California mountains"
WIECZOREK, Max "Betty" – pastel of a maiden/child
WENDT, Julia Bracken two low reliefs in "medallion form," and a study of a wild-cat
WENDT, William "Panoramic Hills"
YENS, Karl "Gold Hunting on the Merced"

Sources: Antony Anderson, Working for the Gallery, L. A. Times, Dec. 17, 1922, p. III18; S. Fred Hogue, Painters Seek Palace of Art, L. A. Times, Dec. 28, 1922, p. I17; Antony Anderson, Of Art and Artists – The Building-Fund Pictures, L.A. Times, Dec. 31, 1922, p.III33.

ADDENDUM: “The building fund exhibition of the California Art Club is ended. It held a hundred canvases, several of which were the very best of their makers, and a few sculptures by Julia Bracken Wendt. The entire proceeds of the sales will go to the building fund. Among the painters represented were William Ritschel, Alson Clark, Kathryn W. Leighton, Jack Smith, Hanson Puthuff, Karl Yens, Val Costello, Clarence Hinkle, Dana Bartlett, Dell Meadows, Henri de Kruif, Edouard Vysekal, Mabel Alvarez, J. Arden Edwards, Roscoe Shrader, Ernest Browning Smith, Conrad Buff, E. E. Garnsey, Franz Bischoff, John Frost, Marjorie C. Murphy, Guy Rose, Frank Cuprien, John Hubbard Rich and Susie M. B. Dando.

A new gallery for small pictures and for friendly meetings of artists once a week will be opened on Jan. 20 [1923] in the Egan Little Theater Building. It will be called the Potboiler and will be conducted by Sigurd Russell. Despite its name, the Potboiler will house only sincere and geniune paintings.” – A. A. [Probably Antony Anderson. American Art News, Los Angeles, Saturday, January 13, 1923]

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